Relax a bit

Tien took off her dress and stretched herself out on the soft, green grass. Gerald had found a spot right next to her in the warm sun. “Aaah, the normal biomes really is the best~~” she sighs as she closes her eyes. “Hey, Gerald.. Where should we go next? As long as it’s not a snow biome, I’ll let you decide.” Her silent companion doesn’t answer, but looks at her for a bit, before he too closes his eyes and enjoys the fresh breeze. She halfway knows where he’ll go, but it doesn’t matter. There was always a new horizon to explore and as long as she had Gerald, it would somehow be okay. 

Flowers from a summer biome

Tien was hunched in a three about 50 blocks from PAX’s house. Next to her was a not very amused Gerald. She had been sitting there for almost an hour now, hoping that he’d come out on his own as she dared not approach the house. Suddenly she saw movement and swung herself down from the tree. Her flinched as her bare feet touched the snow again. “As a thank you for the pretty drawing.” She said and reached out a cold hand clutching some yellow flowers she’d found in the neighboring biome.

PAX had exited his house for a quick run around through the cold snow, maybe to wake himself up a little more. He spots Tien and waves as she walks over a little. He meets her halfway before tipping his head in greeting. She offered him yellow flowers and PAX blinked before smiling, taking them with his left hand. Though a quick touch easily told him she was cold. He frowned some, looking at her.

Tien shifted uneasily while hugging herself to keep warm, still wearing her usual clothes. She ignored the strong desire to run back into a jungle or desert biome and studied the other a bit. “What’s up, Pax? You’re not feelin’ right?” she inquired while looking down as she felt Gerald stopping very close to her legs. A smile reached her face as she realized he was trying to warm her. Her eyes went back to Pax and she tilted her head slightly. 


Tien felt her face redden as she realised what Halley thought she meant. “No! No-no-no-no-no! Just no! Oh gods!” She shook her hands quickly in front of her, just to make it clear how impossible it was. “That would be like… Watching my best friend… oh no. Never.” Even Gerald, who were very rarely affected by the words of others looked bothered. “We’ve just walked through a desert and are quite hungry. So we thought we’d make a bread with the two wheat we already have.” Tien hurriedly explained, eager to clear the misunderstanding.