I would like to take a "Black Butler" survey

(Not sure if this one has ever been done but what the hell)

As everyone here full well knows I am probably the BIGGEST fan of Season 2 of Black Butler or ONE of the biggest supporters there is.  I’m not sure if we’ve done one of these in the past BUT 

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If you have to ask me where I stand on the matter…go see one of the blogs I follow on here :)



Of course I do! I mean, the servants always cook for me, but just because I’ve never cooked anything before … doesn’t mean I don’t know how!


“Highness thinks about him often. As his faithful servant, I’m the one who must comfort him throughout the times when thoughts of his lost brother get to be too much for him … it’s almost pathetic really, the way humans can be so … affected by the loss of a life so small … I can almost say I pity my master … almost.” - Claude Faustus