Closed RP w/ askthetealbros

Avoiding the heavy summer rain, heated by the rays of the obscured sun, 152 slid about the streets under the shielding store canopies, making his way down to church, hoping that he would not be met with an absence of a priest of some sort. The gloomy atmosphere was quickly nipping away at his already fallacious mood; inching closer and closer to his point of insanity- his lack of an umbrella helping no one’s situation.

Moments before entering any sort of holy ground, 152 dissolved into a crouch, slightly tousling with his hair as he deflated the balloon of frustration floating about the skies of his mind. With a loud exhale and several seconds of stinging silence, he stood once more, figuring that letting out too much would only create an unnecessary scene amid the judgemental crowds of deteriorating buildings in the concrete jungle. 152 exhaled again at the thought of disturbing inanimate objects, apologizing under his harsh breaths. With a quick pivot of his left heel, he headed into the building in search for someone who would forgive his sins in lieu of a tangible god.


hAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Twinsie bb. Ur old now. But I’m still older. BOOPs your nose. 

( this is improv but if you want the score I can write it out for you wEeps. The description of the video is more adequate friend. ) 

yeah I got nothin else to say man. u da 1.