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Ω ☻•◘

Ω: idk you and askthesosbrigade?????

☻: you [not kidding]

•: kyon is supposed to be like 5'7" apparently and it freaks me out that even our heights are the same

◘: let’s see here… uhh, nobody likes me does that count? [i’m not kidding; they tried to spread rumors that i wash my hair with dirt and don’t wear underwear although frankly the latter would be pretty hawt {not really because i wear a skirt like every day and that’s wrong}] but apparently it’s because i’m smart and even though i don’t do homework teachers love me

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Brigade Leader Suzumiya, do you study folklore very often? Many countries have stories and beliefs that I think you'd be really interested in!

Oh, hey, someone else calling me by my rightful title! ::puffs chest proudly and grins:: I definitely like some of the myths I’ve heard! Of course, I’ve grown up with the ones told in my country, but I’ve looked at some of the Ancient Greek myths, too, because so many people talk about them so they’re more likely to be real, right? If so many people share one kind of idea? ::beams:: But if you have any other myths and folklore that you think I should check out, just send them my way! I’d be more than excited to learn more about what could be out there!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love askthesosbrigade?

The mun does a splendid job with the characters already and then they completely matched my headcanon when I asked them about MLP.

It’s almost like we’re the same person.

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Koizumi, you are attracted to Suzumiya, right?? When are you going to confess?! (Please do it now~!)

I can’t deny that Suzumiya-san is most definitely attractive. Her passion for exploring the unknown is often what lights her up and makes her even more desirable, and I feel fortunate that I’m among the few that get to see that side of her on a daily basis. However, I don’t have any plans to confess anything to her anytime soon; I apologize if I’ve disappointed you in that regard. ::smiles::


I did it! After much searching, I finally found pictures with a lot of us genderbent in it! That Rule 63 is pretty useful when you’re looking up these sorts of things, I’ll have to remember it for later! 

Anyway, I find this really interesting. Mikuru-chan as a boy is every bit as cute as I thought she would be!


Hey, look here! It’s our first post of the new year!

We hope that all of you are enjoying yourselves, whether you’re out partying or in watching TV, or even out watching for extraordinary beings who may be out and about during the new year. That last one sounds like the best option, anyway, so go and do that if you weren’t already. 2012 is the supposed end of the world, so you can bet that the SOS Brigade will definitely be researching that all year, so look forward to that!

2012, the SOS Brigade is ready for you!

-The SOS Brigade 

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Koizumi and Kyon, can you do the gangnam style dance for me?

Kyon: I’m not sure you understand how terrible I am at dancing.

Itsuki: He is rather terrible. ::chuckles::

Kyon: You’re not supposed to agree, dammit! I’m the only one allowed to insult myself.

Itsuki: There are, however, quite a few people who break that rule near-constantly, wouldn’t you say?

Kyon: Oh, shut up.

Itsuki: ::ignoring Kyon:: All the same, the Gangnam Style dance shouldn’t be too difficult, I would think.

Kyon: It’s basically like riding a horse, and then you’ve got to sort of - ::awkward hip jiggle:: - for the ‘sexy lady’ part.

Itsuki: Ah, yes, I think I understand the concept behind it.

Kyon: You’d be the first besides Psy to get it.

Itsuki: Shall we? ::grins::

Kyon: We don’t have a choice, do we?

::with a reluctant sigh from Kyon, the two launch into Gangnam Style, complete with Kyon double-stepping in the wrong direction and Itsuki nearly whacking Kyon in the face when he waves his arm in the air and finally ending with the both of them collapsing to the floor after they’ve 'heeeyyy sexy lady!’ hip-jiggled into each other, and both of them are laughing::

Itsuki: A remarkable first effort!

Kyon: Never trying that again. ::snorts::

Haruhi: Happy Tanabata, everyone!

Kyon: Here we go again.

Haruhi: Today is a day for celebrations and parties and festivals even bigger than the Americans go for on the fourth of July! Today is a day for wishes and fun and happiness for all!

Kyon: Don’t you think that’s aiming a bit high? I’m pretty sure hoping we’ll have fun and maybe attending a festival is as high as we can reach, Haruhi.

Haruhi: Baka, at least remember the wishes!! Everyone’s got to make a wish to both Vega and Altair, so that Orihime and Hikoboshi will hear them and make them come true!

Kyon: Yeah, years and years from now.

Haruhi: Doesn’t make it any less necessary! Hmph. You’re such a bore, Kyon. Never any fun! So I decree that no one should listen to Kyon, and everyone else should go have fun and don’t let your lackeys suck the joy out of such a great holiday!

Kyon: Yare yare.

Haruhi: Don’t forget to tell us if your wishes come true!

Kyon: Happy Tanabata, anyway.

Haruhi: Yeah, have the happiest Tanabata ever! And that’s an order!

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Dear Haruhi, When Kyon kissed you, why did you wear a ponytail like he wanted the next time you saw him?

It was a dream, okay – how do you even know about that?

I wore a ponytail that day because it was hot outside and I wanted air on the back of my neck, got it? It didn’t have anything to do with whatever you think about Kyon, I was just fanning myself on a hot day!