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KYON MAY HAVE A JOURNAL, BUT I HAVE HARUHI'S DIARY! *waves a pink fluffy book with Haruhi's name on it* It has soooo much stuff in it! 'Dear Diary, Kyon was being an adorable idiot again today', awww how cuteee

Haruhi: Wh-what?!

Kyon: …uh…

Haruhi: That is completely false! I don’t even own a diary in the first place -

Kyon: Then what’s that?

Haruhi: Obviously someone took a book, wrote lies in it, and put my name on it! How could it be anything else?!

Kyon: You didn’t think that excuse was so obvious when you thought I owned a journal. Maybe I should take a look at this diary -

Haruhi: No way, people might have written obscenities in there! I forbid you to look!

Kyon: It looks like ‘people’ just wrote about how I was an 'adorable idiot,’ actually.

Haruhi: You’re just plain an idiot, there’s nothing adorable about you!

Kyon: Well, that’s comforting to hear. Can I look now?

Haruhi: No, you can’t, and that’s an order! ::pulls him down by his tie so that they’re eye to eye:: If you do, I’ll penalize you so hard you won’t even remember what your name is!

Kyon: ::deadpan:: I already don’t remember what my name is, you stopped me from thinking of that. 

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/post/26350636350/brigade-chief-suzumiya-a-regular-at-a-near-bye-cafe Ohohoho? You think Kyon is adorable? Well, that explains the books, yes, but for two people sitting next to one another, you two were seated pretty close. Next to that, Haruhi, explain why you were staring at him as he was working on those problems. You didn't write your notes on his face, right?

Hey, that’s - that’s totally not what I meant by that! ::huffs, crossing her arms across her chest:: All I was saying is that Kyon’s sister is cute and Kyon himself is ugly as sin. I didn’t say Kyon was adorable at all!

Anyway, I wasn’t staring, I just had nowhere else to look because everyone else in the cafe was boring and at least I could watch Kyon do his problems and fix him before he screwed up his whole answer. ::scowls:: And - and I had to sit close to him so that I could hit him over the head whenever he was being an idiot, which was all the time! Obviously you don’t know Kyon very well, otherwise you’d know that. Hmph.

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Mikuru, you're a girl, Why don't you give Kyon advice on how to ask Haruhi out? You know give him an insight into the female mind.

O-oh, well…[classified information] doesn’t allow me to do anything like that, since I’d be disturbing the events of this time plane more than I should be…and Kyon-kun coming to his own decision would be better, right?

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"Are you seriously considering marrying me just because you want to meet aliens, ESPers, and time travelers?!" Exactly. So Haruhi, when you marry him, marry him for a few good reasons that have to do with his personality and looks, alright?

When I marry him?! ::crosses her arms:: Why is that a ‘when’?! Kyon isn’t even that goodlooking, he’s just a sort of average, classic archetype of a boy, and his personality is sour and not open to new ideas! He’d never be compatible with me at all!

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Kyon and Haruhi, si-tting-in-a-tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes espersaliensandtimetravelers and marriage, then comes a baby in a ba-by carriage!

Haruhi: Are you five years old?! This is stupid! I don’t even - I have no - Kyon is an idiot!

Kyon: Let’s stop flinging the insults around for a second and just focus on the fact that people are actually hoping that we do this -

Haruhi: Wait!

Kyon: ::sighs:: What is it now?

 …does that mean that I’ll only be able to meet extraordinary beings if I marry Kyon?

Kyon: Are you seriously considering marrying me just because you want to meet aliens, ESPers, and time travelers?!

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So Haruhi, a walk in the park with Kyon is entirely unreasonable? All kinds of things can be hidden in the park, and if something tries grabbing one of you, the other one's holding on. It's like you're putting your own romantic slant on everything I say. Jeebus, it's like you've got a crush on him. Kyon, what do you think of this?

Haruhi: I didn’t mean that - I - everything you said before was romantic! How else was I supposed to read into that - ?

Kyon: This is - what, you’re suggesting a walk in a park on a search, Haruhi?

Haruhi: I didn’t - I never suggested that! ::crosses arms::

Kyon: 'Kay, fine, no need to be so snippy about it, the anon was just saying -

Haruhi: Why, would you want to go for a walk in a park with me on a search?!

Kyon: Well - I never said that either, but - it'dkilltwobirdswithonestone  - I mean, it wouldn’t be that bad, I guess, right? We’d still be searching…

Haruhi: Yeah. I guess so. But only on a search! And I didn’t suggest it! ::scowls:: And you’re not allowed to do anything I don’t tell you to do!

Kyon: Yare yare. This definitely isn’t turning out to be something to look forward to.

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"and besides, Kyon’s kind of handsome in his own, weird way." Haruhi, please elaborate.

I-I never said that! But if you bring it up like that, well, he’s not ugly! I couldn’t have an ugly person in my Brigade. But he’s depressingly normal, you know, and I guess to normal girls, he’s good looking enough. His looks are somewhat classic, not like movie star-gorgeous or anything!

it’s not weird that I find him handsome. Hmph. I’m a girl with urges too, after all. 

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Kyon! Why don't you asked her out already? C'mon! Everybody knows! Haruhi is amazing! You should take her ;D

I - I’m not sure what exactly you’re talking about.

‘Kay, sure, Haruhi’s gorgeous. But she’s really dangerous. You haven’t known danger until you’ve been with the SOS Brigade for awhile. And besides, she also has to compare to the shining Asahina-san…!

But I’d have to agree with you there, Haruhi is…nothing short of amazing, I guess. What she can do is dangerous and scary and sometimes I wish she couldn’t, but in the end it’s what makes life…interesting, you know? And the way she cares for the people in our Brigade…she’s an ass and she doesn’t listen and she’s stubborn and she’s annoying, but she protects us. Even though she won’t admit it.

It’s weird. She’s weird. Whatever. 

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Kyon, Koizumi, do you even realize how many yaoi fanfictions there are about you two? And pictures? Oh god, the pictures. Sometimes, I'll google just one of your names, and this HUGE picture of you guys having sex will show up.

Itsuki: We’ve been told we would make a good couple quite a few times, but we’ve never heard this, no!

Kyon: Oh, god, you’re using ‘we’.

Itsuki: Is that supposed to mean something?

Kyon: It’s the pronoun for people in a relationship, that’s what new couples supposedly do, that’s the ‘we do everything together’ pronoun - 

Itsuki: Ah, is it? ::grins mischievously:: I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware.

Kyon: That’s bull. You were doing it on purpose, weren’t you?

Itsuki: My, my, here we are bickering like an old married couple, we’ve almost forgotten the question! ::chuckles::

Kyon: Bastard -

Itsuki: Thank you for informing us, either way. I’m sure it’d be interesting if we tried looking them up - I’m not sure Suzumiya-san has run searches on our names yet, but should she ever -

Kyon: No, she’s not going to do that. Not while I’m alive, she’s not. 

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Haruhi, hypothetically if Kyon and Koizumi told you they loved each other and wanted to go out with each other while at the same time Mikuru and Yuki told you that they loved each and wanted to go out too, how would you react? Hypothetically.

…so, hypothetically, there would be a yaoi couple and a yuri couple in the Brigade and I would be alone? ::the look on her face is noticeably downcast:: Well, I can’t stop them from leading their love lives, you know. Just because I think love is stupid and very like a mental disease doesn’t mean they have to think that. ::an evil-looking smile turns her lips upwards:: But that won’t stop me from asking them loads of questions about their love lives and dates and stuff! They’ll have to deal with the Brigade Chief’s Inquisition!


I did it! After much searching, I finally found pictures with a lot of us genderbent in it! That Rule 63 is pretty useful when you’re looking up these sorts of things, I’ll have to remember it for later! 

Anyway, I find this really interesting. Mikuru-chan as a boy is every bit as cute as I thought she would be!


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Koizumi, you are attracted to Suzumiya, right?? When are you going to confess?! (Please do it now~!)

I can’t deny that Suzumiya-san is most definitely attractive. Her passion for exploring the unknown is often what lights her up and makes her even more desirable, and I feel fortunate that I’m among the few that get to see that side of her on a daily basis. However, I don’t have any plans to confess anything to her anytime soon; I apologize if I’ve disappointed you in that regard. ::smiles::

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Brigade Leader Suzumiya, do you study folklore very often? Many countries have stories and beliefs that I think you'd be really interested in!

Oh, hey, someone else calling me by my rightful title! ::puffs chest proudly and grins:: I definitely like some of the myths I’ve heard! Of course, I’ve grown up with the ones told in my country, but I’ve looked at some of the Ancient Greek myths, too, because so many people talk about them so they’re more likely to be real, right? If so many people share one kind of idea? ::beams:: But if you have any other myths and folklore that you think I should check out, just send them my way! I’d be more than excited to learn more about what could be out there!

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Hey Kyon, since ponytails turn you on... if Koizumi wore a ponytail, would you be turned on?

::facepalms:: It’s not just the ponytail, it’s the person and the ponytail, you know? One doesn’t work without the other, and since I most definitely don’t play on that team, Koizumi in a ponytail definitely wouldn’t do it for me. Seriously.

Hey, look here! It’s our first post of the new year!

We hope that all of you are enjoying yourselves, whether you’re out partying or in watching TV, or even out watching for extraordinary beings who may be out and about during the new year. That last one sounds like the best option, anyway, so go and do that if you weren’t already. 2012 is the supposed end of the world, so you can bet that the SOS Brigade will definitely be researching that all year, so look forward to that!

2012, the SOS Brigade is ready for you!

-The SOS Brigade 

Haruhi: Happy Tanabata, everyone!

Kyon: Here we go again.

Haruhi: Today is a day for celebrations and parties and festivals even bigger than the Americans go for on the fourth of July! Today is a day for wishes and fun and happiness for all!

Kyon: Don’t you think that’s aiming a bit high? I’m pretty sure hoping we’ll have fun and maybe attending a festival is as high as we can reach, Haruhi.

Haruhi: Baka, at least remember the wishes!! Everyone’s got to make a wish to both Vega and Altair, so that Orihime and Hikoboshi will hear them and make them come true!

Kyon: Yeah, years and years from now.

Haruhi: Doesn’t make it any less necessary! Hmph. You’re such a bore, Kyon. Never any fun! So I decree that no one should listen to Kyon, and everyone else should go have fun and don’t let your lackeys suck the joy out of such a great holiday!

Kyon: Yare yare.

Haruhi: Don’t forget to tell us if your wishes come true!

Kyon: Happy Tanabata, anyway.

Haruhi: Yeah, have the happiest Tanabata ever! And that’s an order!