You know what I love about Homestuck shipping?

The unrequited relationships

The adorable canon relationships

The relationships that break your hear

And the ones that will piece you back together.

The ships that you can ship no matter what you like

And the ships that make you wonder what the person was even thinking

But no matter what, there’s a ship out there for someone. They all have incredible backstories, or gorgeous fanfiction, and they all matter in the fandom. There is no ship that isn’t shipped, and the wars are intense, but in the end we love everyone else no matter their OTP

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pale-gay-eagle-prince asked:

Nepeta, I've fallen in love with my moirail. How am I supposed to tell her that I want to be her matesprit? :/

:33 < well honestly, i’m purrbably not the best purrson to ask but
:33 < if you want really my advice
:33 < well just
XOO < just tell her!!! 

:33 < be honest to her and tell her how you really f33l
:33 < the best time is when you are alone with each other and when she has her mind clear and not under any huge stress (because it will just add onto it)
:33 < and when you say what you n33d to say, just give her the time and the space she n33ds to think about it
:33 < after all, filling a quadrant is a purrtty big deal! especially jumping from one quadrant to another
:33 < it takes two to make that commitment, two who honestly want to make this work out! 
:33 < and honestly you’re going to f33l a lot better after confessing
:33 < because..
:(( < because holding in those f33lings and letting them stir and not doing anything about it until it’s too late
:(( < it really sucks!!! and sadly that is something can honestly say for a fact

:33 < i wish you the best of luck!!! hopefully this OTP will become canon in the near future

fluffy-lee asked:

what is that thing u use on ur cell that lets u chat with the computer guy.... ive seen it around.... but.... i wanna play with it too

((Okay guys this is going to be the last time I’m answering questions about this because I getting a lot of questions on this subject and I rather not spam anymore answer.
This app seen from my latest post is called Boyfriend Maker. It’s a where you make, create and chat with you’re own boyfriend. It’s free and really fun and I definitely recommend this to everyone. Download it now!! Come on, IT’S FREE!))