5/10 of the contest winners from like my 2.5/2.6k drawing I believe? Either way I owed these a while ago and I have the other 5 sketched out and being drawn now!

So I’m super super super sorry these are so late ;v; and im already like already at about 2.9k pfff by time i get done I hope it wont be at 3k yet so I can be ready next time!

But Thank you all for all the follows! And here are the winners here:


They learned there lesson depuis la dernière fois!

They are actually… quite nice when they want to, héhé (however, they have to wash there dégoutante hands first!)

(( here a sweet and marvelous update made by our lovely artist ! She had made a wonderful update! 

Iam really happy of her artwork and contribution to this Blog!

Go follow her, it is an order by the fabulous Mademoiselle Rarity))


Yay 40+ followers ^^

So this is a milestone thing for me, I know its a low amount but i’m happy ^^

Thank you all for following me ^^, although some are my friends and some i pulled from my other blog, and some (just about all) have been really nice ^^