Tumblr Crushes Friday

[ Shall be posting my crushes every friday to see how much longer those on here right now is going to stay lol Surprisingly two people I didn’t role play with yet is on here lol Two Sebbys too? OH AND LOOKIE HERE! CIEL IS BEATING ALL Y'ALL! LOL If whoever for any reason is jealous then. DO SOMETHING BROS! ; 3 ;

Those who makes it on my crushes, you deserve it for being such awesome broos~]

I'ts been a while.

Nope nope nope, not dead ! Don’t worry ( noone cares ) ! Sorry it’s been a loooot of months now, but well I had many problems : my computer didn’t want to work, I’ve been really busy, I had problems with my family.. Well that’s complicated, just so you know, I haven’t abandoned all of you just because I wanted to for the fun, not at all xD.. I’m really sorry. Now I’m back, but I won’t be as active as before on this tumblr. Of course not, I won’t shut this tumblr ( I love it too much, I love Seb too much and I love you guys too much ), but I simply have another tumblr. Here we are, just saying that I will be here sometimes on my Sebastian tumblr, but most of the time I will be on the new one. If you really want to follow me on the other one or if you’re also a Hannibal fan, here’s the name of the tumblr : ask-doctor-hannibal-lecter ( yeah I’m on my phone so I can’t put a link right now, maybe later if you can’t find ). Yes, I became a Fannibal. See you later ! Good night.