((Happy Valentine’s Day from AskTheMotherglubbinEmpress!

Enjoy these cards! And I included a transparent Condy for the corner of your blog! Oooo! You can use her if you like, just give me credit and a link back! ♥

And remember folks, abducting the object of your affection and making them power your interstellar battleship is an unhealthy relationship choice!))

geminihoneybee asked:

Y0u kn0w... 1 c0uld h4v3 f0rg1v3n y0u f0r 4 g00d m4ny 7h1ng5, 3mpr355. 1 c0uld h4v3 f0rg1v3n y0u f0r wh47 y0u d1d 70 y0ur 0wn p30pl3. 1 c0uld h4v3 f0rg1v3n y0u f0r 1gn0r1ng 7h31r cr135 f0r p34c3. 1 c0uld h4v3 3v3n f0rg1v3n y0u f0r wh47 y0u d1d 70 my fr13nd, 45 h3 w0uld h4v3 w4n73d 7h47. 1f y0u 0nly 4c73d l1k3 4ny 0f 17 w45 3v3n 4 h4rd cho1c3. 8u7 17 w45n'7, w45 17? 4nd 0n3 d4y, y0u, m3, 4nd 7h15 5h1p 4r3 g0nn4 8urn 70g37h3r. M4y83 y0u'll 3v3n 5h3d 4 734r. 8u7 1 d0u87 17. M0n573r5 d0n'7 cry.

askasubjuggulator asked:

oh shit condy, you know what we need to all up and do? i've been getting my hearing on for some events called "mass executions" and i'm thinking that we need to try that miraculous shit out! :o) thanks for the advice, sis.

even betta if ya broadcast it… ahahahaha