Making a Visit

Felicity hurried out of the driveway as the sound of a sniper yelling could be heard behind her. She had ben anxious to visit her small friend Milo since the first time they had met, but it would take much too long to walk. So, ignoring all of her better judgement she had hijacked Sniper’s car and drove out to where her friend lived. Parking the vehicle and stepping out, she knocked on the door to the BLU side of the base and awaited an answer.

Checking Up

Felicity stepped out of the Sniper’s van, walking up to the entrance of the BLU base and knocking on the door. She was here to visit her friend Milo and check up on him after the events a month previous, when he had been shot. Tapping her foot, she waited for someone to open the door.



Trying to hide three birds: that was what he was doing at the moment; walking across the plain toward various other bases, looking for a place. Of course a farm was obvious, but that was too much so and too far away. He had no car, bike, truck, nothing. Almost no one on their team did, except for the builder – and Mühendis was ‘busy’. So he had been going around with them under his arms for some time - which was obviously logical. Right. Many other things were, here.


Milo glanced down from his perch located a small distance from his base. He had been playing with Poe again, sneaking around and trying to get into things behind Josef’s back. Lately, Josef had tightened his control on when the littler Medic had leave of the building, but Milo still succeeded in escaping now and again. He knew Josef meant well, but he was not allowed to do so many things! Do not touch that. Do not go there. Mind your manners. Thinking of such things, Milo gave a tiny huffpuff and scowled down at the path below. His scowl soon gave way to wonder as he saw the Scout approaching from the distance. And something was under his arms. Ooh! Something alive!

One of them abruptly popped out an egg. It splattered against the ground behind the Scout as he kept moving forward, Rom hardly giving the noise any attention. Except for a mental urge to look back; that was unavoidable. Another, the one under his left arm ‘dropped’ a hunk of white and grey onto the back of the hen below itself. They were —-ing on each other now: this was actually great. A look up away from the fluffy butts, to the side: and someone seemed to be up ahead, to the side. So naturally, it was a good idea to start waving and let one go. What he said next was almost half-way yelled. “Merhab ..Medic.” The hen didn’t go far. Just started walking ahead, but at a slightly opposite angle from the Scout, away from his ‘incoming’ shoes.

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He stared down at the lady in his bed. He didn't really know her. He couldn't even remember her name, had she even volunteered the information. Still, she must have been troubled if she had chosen to sleep in a strange base. He furrowed his small brow, considering the situation. Finally, he pressed his stuffed rabbit into her arms. "You can shleep mit Herr Bunnichen. Zhen ve can talk in zhe mornink. Shleep vell, Frau."

Tired, reddened hazels opened later that night. Confused at feeling something soft against bared arms, she happened to look down at the stuffed rabbit. Something so confusing, so off from a grown woman, something…..childish within her just went off.

Holding the stuffed animal close, a few tears slid down her face as she went back to sleep.

((Milo?!!? No!!! Too much cute, too much cute!!!! *dies because of precious Medic* In all seriousness, yes, this would be something that happens.))