†: My character will have an egg hunt with yours

Samantha had been having a long day. She had interviewed a woman reguarding a case, yet the entire house smelled like a litter box and it gave Sam a headache. After that she had to visit two more people to interview, dressed in full buisness attire in 90 degree weather mind you, and neither of them were very pleasant to be around either. As Dean would put it, they were giant freaking dicks. She blamed it on Easter, and having to deal with shitty family members or something.

So when Samantha got back to the hotel room and saw Dean grinning like an idiot with brightly colored streamers hanging around the room, she was immediately on her guard.

“…. Deeeeean…. Why are there streamers…..?” She hesitated to even step forward a bit, just in case something jumped out at her. She already had that experience earlier, when the source of the cat lady’s litter box troubles jumped out from a bookshelf and right past Sammy’s face during the interview.

That didn’t seem to put Dean off any, as he motioned around the room with a wide sweep of his arms. “It’s an Easter Egg Hunt!” he cheered, grin wide and slightly mischevous. Dean always looked like he was playing a prank or joking around, but Sammy could tell that he was actually proud of putting this all together.

They hadn’t really been allowed to do Easter-y things when they were little, if John hated a holiday then it would have definitely been Easter, so it must have been a bit freeing to set everything up like this.

Sure, they were both adults. Sure, Sammy didn’t find the same fascination with brightly colored eggs as she did as a kid. But seeing Dean’s face lit up like that….

“None of those eggs better be raw, or I’m gonna smack you.” Samantha grinned back at Dean before setting off to look at the best egg hiding spots she could find. Sure, she was a hunter and it could’ve been over in a few minutes, but Sammy dragged it out for a good half hour. Dean just watched from the bed, snickering whenever she missed an egg or full on laughing that one time when a group of streamers held together in a corner fell down right on Sammy’s head.

It was a really good time, even if Samantha’s clothes did still smell like cat litter.

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((Drabble prompt: watching. //runsawayandsobsinthecorner))

Watching: My muse watching yours die

“Fuck, fuck, no Sammy!” Dean struggles against his bindings, rusty iron chains digging into his already bleeding wrists as he tries to free himself. It had been a shitty hunt, and as it turned out a handful of witches had turnd into a small group of demons who were pretending to be witches. They had grabbed Dean when he went off to scout a shitty house in the woods where people had seen a lot of smoke and heard chanting. First thing they did was bind him up tight in old iron chains.

Of course Sammy wouldn’t be far behind. She never was. Dean didn’t know why he hoped that this time she wouldn’t get curious, but of course his bad feeling was coming true right before his eyes.

She had walked up the stairs, slowly peeking around the corner until she locked eyes with him. He had been gagged at that point, but that’s when he started struggling to at least get that loose enough to warn her, to get her to leave.

Before he had that chance though, Sam had been pushed out into the open, the bloodied end of a sacrificial knife peeking out through her abdomen, blood seeping into her clothing and dripping onto the ground. That’s when Dean finally got the cloth away from his mouth, eyes wide and whole body sore.

“Sammy, no! Shit, you can’t die now! NO!” he struggled, feeling the rusted edges digging into muscle instead of skin now as the knife retreated from her wound, Samantha dropping to the ground. Her eyes were wide, a few tears dripping out.

“D-Dean…” she stared at him, surprise and pain written on her features and soaked into her gargling voice. Blood dripped down from her lips, adding to the ever growing pool of blood around her.

A short male demon stepped out from the shadows where they had stabbed Sammy, shoulder length hair dark except for the darker spots where blood had squelched out, a dot or two of the liquid on his pale, grinning face.

“Well that wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. What a wonder it is, the way she always trusted you to protect her. Too bad she was so confidant in that, otherwise maybe she would’ve learned to protect herself.” his voice was higher yet darker than Dean would’ve expected of the vessel, and suddenly it clicked. Dean started struggling again with a renewed force, yells scratching his throat on the way out.

“Ruby, you sonuvabitch! I’m gonna fucking kill you! Slowly, painfully, for as long as it takes! You damn bitch!” Dean could hardly make sense of himself through the pain, watching as Samantha’s eyes lost that last bit of focus. She was gone. Dean couldn’t protect her. He couldn’t save her. If he hadn’t gotten kidnapped like a freaking idiot, she would still be alive.

If he hadn’t agreed to trust Ruby, then Sammy would still be alive. It was all Dean’s fault. And if there was nothing else he could do with his life, then he would hunt Ruby down and show her the real meaning of pain. He didn’t spend all that time with Alastair and learn nothing. And hey, at least now he’ll have a good way to use that knowledge.

Ruby would pay. And so would every damn demon that brought them into this freakin trap. And then he would find a way to save Sammy. Somehow, some way she was going to come back. Dean would make sure of that as well.