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“Exactly~! You were on your way already, weren’t you? Let’s go then~” He laughed brightly and took her hand, heading in a direction that was certainly not that of the Circus. If he didn’t try to derail this journey at least once, he would be ashamed of himself.

"Hey- Ace! Wrong way!” This was one time that they couldn’t simply wander where they pleased, much to Evalynn’s disappointment. “Really, I’m sure you know how to get to the Circus…! … Maybe…”

Ace's date

“Owowowowow!” Aro yelled, staggering out a thorn bush with a clear look of fury on his features. Attempting to pick the thorns out of his hair, he turned and waited for Stefan to emerge through the bush making an equally loud whining sound of intense pain.

“Stefan. We’re not going to find him. Let’s just go back home.” Aro muttered, dusting off his coat. Sod’s law they were going to be placed on a date with the one man who it was near-impossible to find usually. He was getting sick of wandering around these woods.

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Aisha moved the hair from her eyes as she walked through the woods, her bow nad her sling of arrows on her back and a bag of paint supplies in her bag. She came to a stream and began to look around, nodding her head at the scenery “, Yep, this is the place.”

She then sat down and took a fresh canvas out of her bag, next taking out some paints and brushes. After picking out which brush and colors she opened one of the paint jars and dipped her paint brush inside, beginning to paint what was before her. 

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She’d been here countless days, countless times, had memorized the hallways and typical sounds of the environment, the very rhythm of daily life in this large, sterile building. Perhaps that was why she was the one who had been given the job of, for lack of a better term, looking after this particular patient. Or maybe it was her generally calm attitude- the last person she had heard that was in charge of him had been less than patient or friendly and had thrown in the towel after a few weeks.

Evalynn’s fingertips ran over the raised print of the information sheet that was clamped onto the clipboard she held in her other hand as she read over his details for the fifth time. This was a last minute reminder for herself, not that she really needed it. She’d had various suggestions about how to prepare herself for meeting this “troublemaker,” as she’d heard him referred to ask, and she had disregarded them all. Instead of preparing herself, she was choosing to judge for herself and either succeed or fail from that. All she needed to know was what not to do for his health and what he generally acted like.

One deep breath as she stopped in front of the door she would shortly enter, before she knocked and, without waiting for a reply, opened it… several inches. She did not yet enter.

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Estella raised an eyebrow at the knight from the castle before her, subtly waving some faceless workers to carry the narcotic products out of the back entrance of the house.

“Did the prime minister send you? We have said countless times… We do not sell any illegal products!” She declared to Ace, the frustration clear on her face from months of repetition.

Yang in Wonderland

“When did this get here?” Yang wondered, picking an old key up from her cluttered bedroom floor. She was working on ideas for a story of hers when she heard a noise and found it.
She was about to test it out on the door when she heard something on her window. Looking at it, she recognized it as a raindrop and immediately put on her shoes and sprinted outside; she had to make sure that Dork’s artwork didn’t get ruined, for she had carelessly left it there before leaving to spend the weekend at her parent’s house while Yang stayed home. After she put Dork’s art in the house then going back to put the rest in the garage, Yang pulled a key from her pocket and locked the door after she closed it.
But the lock began to glow, and the writer immediately realized that she had the wrong key in her pocket. Instead of the shiny house key, it was the old one she found earlier. She opened the door and found herself at another place. She walked through the door, but instantly regretted it as it closed by itself behind her. When she turned around, the door was gone, leaving her stranded at what appeared to be a clocktower with a forest surrounding it.

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“We know you can’t. It’s in ancient Runic. At least this form has the advantage of combined smarts…. Ah, there we go! ‘Charm the sword that has severed many, and the fused shall split back into two.’ Joy, getting cut in half by a sword. Fun. Well, it actually doesn’t hurt all that much. You were only stabbed! Through my entire personage!” …And they were arguing again. This might take a while to quiet down….

Heaven help them: Closed Starter

“It’s this way!”

“No, it’s THIS way!”

“White Country is over here!”

“I love you, Aro!”


All four of the young pieces were lost. Very lost.

They’d all arrived in this strange place that they had discovered was called “The Country of Hearts”. Which they had figured out was probably not very close to White Country… So after some debate, they’d begun an expedition to find a boat that would take them back home before tea time.

Though by now, they had lost sight of any sort of path/sign of civilisation in the country… So, they were even more lost.


“I could spend several time periods talking about what’s happened to me, but it wouldn’t be very interesting, haha! You should tell the next story; I never know what people are doing when I’m away, I want to hear~” It seemed like it had been a long while since they had had a normal conversation like this, and he found he really didn’t know what the bard had been up to. Generally he didn’t ask; he was grateful that she chose to offer.

Smile flashing again, Evalynn tipped her head as if staring up at the ceiling overhead. How far was it above them? The hard walls caused so much echo it was difficult to tell… “I have been staying at a friend’s house while I search for another place to live,” she began. “It had been a while since I had not had an actual place of stay of my own…” Without thinking, she trailed off.