''What do you do exactly sir? If you don't mind me asking''

I don’t mind at all dear knight

Well because I live in the woods, a lot of people don’t know about my presence… so I have a lot of free time and peace here.

I mostly do take care of wounded animals until they are better and look if there is something wrong in the woods.


But I also do something else….

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((OKAY ADMIN NOTE: First off, I am so sorry this is like a month overdue. It seems kinda irrelevant to post this now, but I said I would, and I think it’s important to the development of this blog to show Arthur grow up haha (and I wanted to doodle all your cute muses).

Anyways. Thank you everyone for being so patient with me! As you know, I’ve been really busy for the past month and my health hasn’t really been good to me. My AP testing ends tomorrow though, so I should be able to update more frequently again!

That’s all I really have to say for now, thank you again!))