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I swear to god. One of these days I'm just going to send you a carepackage of nothing but beemovie. Hell, the game on amazon only a buck 80. New.

I’m trying not to laugh too hard because gabby is sleeping right next to me

let me tell you, it’s really difficult

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According to your Spotify artist page, all the other music you do is smooth jazz that sounds like it belongs in the start menu of a Sim's game. Fascinating. On the bright side, comparatively that makes Everfree your hardest and thrashiest album as of yet without question. Congrats!

Yeah I’m laughing, apparently there’s another dude who uses the Tarby moniker on there

However, I checked and I’ve been around longer, and they only have two songs out technically, it’s just the same two songs on a lot of different compilations.

It’s not bad, but Whoops. If it becomes an issue i’m 100% willing to talk and figure something out but as it stands right now, I’m the only one on there with an actual release of their own, so I’m not too worried about it.

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Oh gosh! I didn't know you had socks that were super cute or that you used your tumblr for more than music stuff :3

The sock thing is a sort of recent development… uh, if it’s too much or too far, I’m tagging these with #socks so you can block them if you want.