During my time in this place, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many Dark Links such as yourself. Most of you seem to share the trait in which you outwardly relish in the suffering of goddess-chosen heroes, be they your counterparts or otherwise.

Yes, I am filled with regret. Yes, that is why I’m still here, and I’m certain you have better things to do than to hang around, pestering me.

Away with you. I wouldn't recommend trying my temper…

Burn asks [4/7]

ask-the-heros-shadow-blog  asked:

You look like a joke to me~ *casually gets ready to flee*

Oh, I do?”

Vaati’s voice was dangerously calm as he answered, a small smile on relaxed features, making him look amused at the shade’s statement.

“Then I am sure  you will find me simply ridiculous as I have my winds tear you apart.”

Apparently he had to teach his creation some manners once again.

ask-the-heros-shadow-blog  asked:

You should definitely not kiss any Shadow Links, maybe you could just leave them all alone, that would work.

“I had no intentions to kiss any of you, don’t worry.”

The mere thought was enough to cause Vaati’s handsome features to turn into a rather disgusted expression. Then, with a sigh he willed himself to calm again, the frown disappearing at least partially.

“What gave them such a revolting idea anyways?”