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hey check it it’s an0ther me i guess
wow the first few times i guess it was 0kay but now its’s just kind 0f weird seeing alternate versions 0f myself

sollux i think youre forgetting that you are talking the girl who raised an army of herself using hundreds of dead timelines

0h wow yeah 0ops

Ask the Hacker Troll / Ask Megido

((Oh wow. I’m sorry. I was laboring under the impression that nothing this adorable could exist in the universe. Please forgive me.))

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sure! what time?

((ooc: sorry this took so long…I’ll try to get some more asks done today.

Also, the blogs the trolls are based off of are and uwu psst you should follow them they’re great blogs))

Ask box closed!

((ooc: Sorry guys, I appreciate all of the amazing asks I’ve been getting, but I have a lot of homework to do, I’ll have to answer the rest of the asks later or tomorrow! But again, thanks, I honestly never thought this blog was going anywhere…thanks for helping me out, sweeties! <333))