ask-asuka-x-shinji  asked:

Kyonko your scarier than haruki

Kyonko: Eh? Me? Scary? 

Itsuko: You do have quite the temper.

Mitsuru: A-And because of -classified information-…

Yuuki: You are the only one who can control Haruki Suzumiya’s powers. 

Kyonko: E-Eh?! I’m not scary, damnit! I’m just a normal girl with NO temper issues, thank you very much! And on that note, YOU three should be ‘scarier’ because you have those weird POWERS of yours!

Itsuko: There’s that temper again~

anonymous asked:

Hey Haruki, you dress Mitsuru up alot, why dont you dress up Kyonko and Itsuko as maids instead since they are girls... Or anything else... Hmm?

I dress Mitsuru up the most because he’s the SOS Brigade’s mascot! It’s his duty to the Brigade to have the most outfits! But I dress up Kyonko and Koizumi-san a lot too! In addition to their duties as general member/lacky/pack mule/etc and second-in-command, they are the secondary mascots of the SOS Brigade! It just so happens that I DO have pictures of them as maids. I’ll show ya one for free just cause you asked!

If you want to see any of their other photos, you need to buy the photo album. It’s only 800¥!

- Haruki Suzumiya

redyzm  asked:

So, SOS Brigade, I heard a rumor that at midnight there's this hidden hour called the 'Dark Hour' when the sky turns all ominous and creepy. Also these weird shadow monsters come out too. You would probably not notice it, because you would either transmogrify into a coffin like thing, or have your memories erased... Just a rumor I heard.

Mitsuru: *eyes widen* W-Wait, you don’t mean classified information exists in this time plane too!?!

Kyonko: Asahina-san, you know about this?

Mitsuru: I-It’s classified information… I-I’m sorry, I thought that classified information didn’t happen in this time plane s-so I never classified information!

Kyonko: And suddenly I wish I still had a nightlight…


Kyonko: I REFUSE.

Haruki: TOUGH! I decree that the SOS Brigade will meet at the train station tomorrow night at 11:30 PM and we’re going to try to gather evidence of this mysterious ‘Dark Hour’! So let it be written so let it be done!

Kyonko: I have a bad feeling about this.


Anonymous asked:
Okay, let’s hear everyone else’s songs~! Starting with Kyonko!

Kyonko: Yare yare. Don’t think that I sung this on my own freewill! There’s nothing anyone can do to make me sing willingly!

Haruki: I offered her a dollar, two dollars, then Brigade leader for a day, Brigade leader of the world, to stop pulling her ponytail, and lastly to let Mitsuru go cosplay free for 2 months.

Kyonko: It was tempting, but no.

Haruki: Then I leaned into her face and said ‘what if I told you I loved you’.

Kyonko: Then I slapped him.

Haruki: But that did make her do the song! 

Kyonko: SHUT UP!

lastmenonbf-blog  asked:

Kyonko you have Kissed Haruki before did you enjoy it? Would you do it again? Does he really looks like a bad boy?

O-Oi! I only kissed Haruki because I had to! I had to get everything back to normal before he screwed up the world! It’s not like I wanted to, it was just something I had to do. I saved everyone with that kiss and I should get some recognition for that, thank you very much!

Would I do it again? Eh. Depends on the day and the situation. If the world was going to get rewritten again, sure, I would kiss him. But any other situation, I refuse! And do people really think that he’s a “bad boy”? Listen, he might act like one and try to look like it, but in reality he’s like a little kid who’s constantly running around playing with his toys (aka. Asahina-san, me and Itsuko). Even if he looked the part (which he kind of does, I suppose), it gets ruined by his childlike nature.

- Kyonko

anonymous asked:

Hey Kyonko! I was wondering, were you suprised when you woke up in the hospital and saw Itsuko staring at you and Haruki sleeping right beside you?

Kyonko: I was more annoyed to see that Itsuko was watching me sleep while she did apple art. Then she left the apples for me even though I don’t like apples. I was definitely surprised to see that Haruki was there and hadn’t left since I was admitted. It was actually rather sweet. … You better not get any weird ideas from that. 

anonymous asked:

Kyonko have you ever seen Itsuko angry?

I have never seen her angry or pissed or anything related to that. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her get upset at all. … It’s rather foreboding in a sense, I never know what she’s thinking or feeling unless she lets me know and even then I think she’s lying. Damn esper.

- Kyonko

anonymous asked:

Okay, boys, who is the cuter brigade girl- Kyonko or Itsuko?

Yuuki: Are you asking for which female is the most aesthetically pleasing or which has the most favorable personality?

Haruki: Dude… It’s a simple question, you don’t need to go that in depth.

Yuuki: I am not 100% certain what “cute” means.

Haruki: Seriously? You really need to get out more often!! Alright! It’s official! The SOS Brigade is going to have a guys-only trip where we’ll see how many girls’ numbers we can get in a day!

Mitsuru: But i-if we’re not going to actually going to call them, isn’t it mean to make them wait?

Haruki: Mitsuru, Mitsuru, Mitsuru… You have much to learn, my pupil. You too, Yuuki, you don’t even know what cute means!

Yuuki: I have no complaints.

Mitsuru: It’s still m-mean though..

kotori-yomi  asked:

Haruki, could you please be careful about the pics of Kyonko? I came across one that had her in a two piece bikini and well, Kyonko, you look great by the way, but do please be careful about it. Before I leave, I wish you all good luck on your adventures and on any strange findings of the world! *smiles and heads out the door*

Kyonko: Since when were you posting pictures of me online?!

Haruki: Uh… I don’t remember. But a while since that bikini picture was taken months ago. And don’t get your ponytail in a twist, there’s pictures of Koizumi-san and Mitsuru too so you’re not alone.

Kyonko: Ponytail in a twist? That’s not the point! You never asked permission to post those photos!

Haruki: *rolls eyes* Why should I ask permission? It’s not like I asked permission to take those photos. 

Kyonko: W-What? How?! … Do you have secret cameras around the club room and my house?!

Haruki: *smirk* And if I did?

Kyonko: When can I move to somewhere far far away from him? I’m not even going to ask if it’s true.

Haruki: Seeing as there are no complaints, I’m going to go upload some more photos now~

Kyonko: Like HELL you will!