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Things have been stressful for the Space Cadet lately, so, instead of hiding underground like he should be, he’s instead been walking aimlessly through the candy-coated lands of Sugar Rush.

He’s decided that he probably needs to leave the game soon, though he’s reluctant to do so. He’s got a decent home here, it’s safe and he doesn’t go hungry. It’s far, far better than living in fear in Hero’s Duty and devouring mainly metal and rocks. Not to mention that he’s got friends here, most of them living in the caves with him. There’s also the fact that his Queen has disappeared and the last place she knew he was at was in the rock candy mines. If she does come back, that’d be the first place she’d look.

But, he owes the big guy, he owes him a lot. He’s caused him so much pain and heartbreak, it’s the least he can do.

With a heavy sigh, he heads towards the peppermint forest to pick a bundle of peppermint branches, with the intent of leaving some in Sugar Rush for the Queen and bringing some with him for her, wherever he might go.

He’s wrapped up in his thoughts, so he wouldn’t immediately notice if someone showed up or had been hanging around until they speak.

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Ralph: “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

“Whaaaaaat, are you kidding?” said V as she lowered her helmet visor.

She and the gamer were seated in tandem on her motorbike, which was now resting in restless, puttering anticipation at the top of a very tall ramp, which went down, loop-de-looped twice, and ended in a jump that went through a flaming hoop.

Ralphie and the other younger Vanellope had dared the two of them to jump it, and while V was never one to turn down a dare, it was obvious that Ralph was having second thoughts.

“I’ve done this a billion times! I can jump this course in my sleep!” said V, the engine of her bike roaring to life.“This one time I did do it in my sleep! Woke up in the hospital after regenerating, but people told me I made it through the hoop before I caught fire! That still counts!