ask-the-emerald-team replied to your postDenny, what do you hope is in your future? :)

Richard walks up behind Denvar and wraps his arms around him. “What was that?” he says smiling down at the hydreigon, completely oblivious to what he had just said.

WH- !!….*Denvar was a little shocked as the camerupt suddenly wrapped his arms around him from behind. He looked up, only to find his boyfriend looming over him. He blushed deeply, giving a small angry pout* N-Nothing..///// NOTHING AT ALL ///////////

ask-the-emerald-team replied to your photosetY-YOU BAKA~! THIS IS AWKWARD! *flushes completely*…

Richard leaned down beside his boyfriend and gently put his coat around the others shoulders. “here it may not be much but it’s better than that blanket of yours.” a small smile visible on the corner of his lips.

Uh-….*Denvar’s widened only slightly as Richard placed his coat over his shoulders. This was really embarrassing. They had only just gotten together a few days ago and already he had to be seen this way. His face darkened in red a little more, gently pulling the coat a little to cover himself up more* Th-…Thanks…~ *he mumbled shyly*

My Tumblr Crushes

1. bandfullofdragons - 8%

2. secretprincessofouran - 6%

3. ask-the-emerald-team - 6%

4. awarmheartofice - 6%

5. thewindywielder - 4%

6. valientthevictini - 4%

7. weaknessismeaningless - 4%

8. breederlex - 4%

9. ask-the-snivy-twins - 3%

Dear Boyfriend, (Baka!)

Crap…I’m not really good at writing weird letters. Not that I care or anything!! W-Well…erm…I…I’m glad I met you. I must admit that when I first met you, I thought you were some kind of creeper that wanted to figure me out all at once, so I instantly thought you were annoying as hell. But…turns out..I was wrong. You kind of saved me in so many ways that I can’t even count. Just when I thought I’d lose all hope, and maybe never like someone again, you showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. You liked me for who I was…and…and I think thats what made me fall for you. DON’T SHOW THIS LETTER TO ANYONE OK YOU BAKA?!! ONLY YOU CAN READ THIS. I feel really embarrassed as hell for talking like this in a letter. S-So yeah….thank you. Thank you for everything~