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♥♥-The Big Mister

13. a friendly kiss on the cheek.

Ash stared up the the other, this was going to be a bit of a problem so she asked for the others hand to lend down. She was soon lifted up towards his face, placing her lips onto the others cheek then bringing them back leaving a smile on her face. 

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Huuu huu,,, ❦-The Big Mister

my explanation for the one on the left is that what if they were equal size and enoch wanted to do something dirty only to have cherry kiss him on the cheek happily because he can finally do things like that because of their close size.

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Honey I'm Home! - The Big Mister

welp there is a possibility cherry is now married to two enochs atm ))

“ah! I’ll do my best to be a good husband! .//u//. ”

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Oh I see how it is. I turn my back for a moment because I have work to do and you are off ready to wed with the Bean Pole! I am going to lock you up if you don't watch it, my little Cherry. Hmm.... Hmmmm.... -The Big Mister.

“i-It wasn’t on purpose i-i-i didnt think anyone would want to be married to a little dumby like me so when i when i saw someone else who had the problem i thought it would be fun to play pretend, but my player  thought that maybe i wouldnt be married to him and she saw you want to and-

Cue Cherry rambling and crying.