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Haha, of course! They’re just robots after all!

But, uh, on an unrelated note, Jimmy’s up for a ‘Nicest’ award. And an award would make us look great. You can vote ten times in each category, so totally do that! Also I’m up for best super power! My superpower is the best, because no one knows what it is! Not even me!


Having a shark hero buddy would be SO COOL! You could be, like, an actual Shark Fighter!!! 

And this is my advice to anyone who wants to be a hero: Do it!! The world always needs more heroes to protect the people, and uphold the sword of justice! Without heroes, who will the people look up to?? Plus, everyone will think you are cool, and buy stuff with your face on it! The Aquabats are still waiting for people to think we are cool and buy stuff with our faces on it, but we know it will happen someday!

So if you want a hero, you have to absolutely 100 percent believe that you can be a hero! You can be anything you wanna be! Even if it’s impossible, like a six headed gorilla that pukes gold! You can do it! 

But you guys gotta make sure to not outshine us, okay?? Okay! 

One hundred of you guys are following us? Woah! That’s crazy! Thanks, Cadets! You guys are SUPER RAD!!

As a treat, Jimmy recorded something for you guys! He knows all this computer stuff, and says it should ‘publish’ later today! Haha, robots and computers, right?? He gets all touchy when I type the http://www stuff into search bars, but I don’t know why! I mean, that’s how you get to online stuff! Sheesh!!

Anyway! Stay tuned for that thingy, and stay rad, Cadets!