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IMDb has officially deleted it's message boards

On the one hand I’m glad because there were SO MANY trolls and bullies on them and they ruined the fun for so many people including myself. On the other hand, the boards were a great place to get information about actors and movies and old tv shows you couldn’t find anywhere else. I was even able to grow my Dean Stockwell and Gary Oldman movie collections thru the message boards when I posted to ask if someone had them. I was able to meet two people who had these films (which had basically been lost but for a few vhs copies) and acquire them through wetransfer. I don’t know where I’ll go now to learn stuff and find movies and tv shows I couldn’t ever get anywhere else.
Not only does IMDb look naked without the message boards but it also leaves me feeling like “okayyy. What do I do now?”
I guess tumblr will be the place to go to for any and all news and updates on movies from behind the scenes from now on.
I just hope it’s as good as the IMDb message boards were information wise. It’s such a shame trolls had to destroy this for us who found them to be useful.
I hope they’re happy now.