1. Business suit
I wear this for work or whenever I am doing any official business as the UK. This sort of suit must be a full suit with a matching set of a blazer and trousers, with a white button-down shirt and a plain tie. The blazer should fit well and the shirt collar should fit well around one’s neck so it doesn’t bunch up with the tie. A waistcoat is optional. (Do note: the preferable colours for a business suit are black, brown or grey.)

2. Casual suit
I wear this out and about when I have no particular business to attend to. A blazer jacket with some trousers that match, though they don’t have to be a set, and a tie.

3. Dinner suit
I wear this if I am wearing a suit to show. Which is… ah… usually dates. Or social evenings, I do go to quite a few events. Must be a full matching suit of a blazer, waistcoat and trousers. A tie can still be worn, but I personally prefer to wear a bow tie, and braces are preferable. Gloves are also an option; I myself like to wear them.


E: ((Well… normally I wouldn’t, but as you asked so nicely~ Here is what I look like when I am female~ I can’t be bothered to upload a picture of my male self though. I basically look like Iggy anyways. ~Sage))

A: (( Hey ho this is me! Yes I have blue hair eyes and a nose…like most people! So yea this is me it is me I am it we are one. I wear hats to hide the fact I need a haircut…~Poptart))