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Do you know any good supernatural/other things blogs to follow like yourself?

@tree-of-blue-squirrel @askteamfreewill @wildtendermythologia (WILDY!!) @suzie-aint-here @someonebeatmetotheurl @okie-dokie-angel @hallow-hazel @cascancook @carryonmycryingheart @carry-on-my-wayward-girl @freedominwriting @hyrulehearts1123 @gnomesagetion

They may not all seem that professional or formal, but they’re really worth a follow, and I love them all to bits XD every one of them is a fantastic blog!!


Hi SPN family! I know this is a strange post,and I’m so sorry to make it, but I really do need help. 

ETSY LINK (yes beautifulirishgifts is the silly name of the shop!)

Mugs are only €10, and all six together are at a discounted €50! T-shirts and Keychains are also available. 

I am trying to raise money to pay for my animals’ pet insurance, something that has saved my cat’s life twice. 

More details below, but thank you if you can spare a few quid towards a goofy piece of fan merch. I can’t express how much I appreciate it when someone buys my silly art on things.

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I’m working to get my work taken off teechip but hey, I think everyone knows how futile that can be so! if you guys would like a mug with that silly picture on it you can grab it right here! It’s printed on both sides of the mug, and it’s cheaper than buying the stolen piece too :’)

Thanks guys, and special thanks to those who alert and keep alerting me about my stolen work! I really appreciate it.

I’m not good in words like the others, but anyway. I wanted to thank all those beautiful people for making my dash amazing, for their kind words and yes, for their  friendship. I wish you all Merry Christmas and Very Supernatural New Year. Don’t EVER change.

My 1st Follow Forever List  ♥♥♥

cas-get-outta-my-ass | castianity | dafnix | holymisha | iiidjits | set-sail-with-me-and-castiel | heysammy | josiedokeh | camuizuuki | the-white-lady | assbuttyourlife | bustyasian-beauties | remivel | namelessslobcat | curvingbullet72 | gocastiel | jared-trogalecki | letmetouchit | askteamfreewill

I follow much more amazing artists & tumblr famous people, but these blasphemous idjots, ass-butts, fallen angels and simply gorgeous are my favorites, yes. I’m not objective & I may forget someone really special, but anyway…

Let me just love you all, my beautiful followers, ok?

So I have been seeing the random pop ups of people reblogging the image I colored for askteamfreewill and what do they do?? DELETE MY DESCRIPTION!! People I am happy that you love it so much that you reblog it but PLEASE give me a little respect and keep my description of the post ok?? I put it there for a reason and it would be awesome for it to be left there. Thank you.