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So umm, yea me again! Thanks for taking the time to answer my ask yesterday, it made me really happy ^^ however it seems as if the message you send was too big so it cut off everything you send after "But I’ll give you a few tips that I picked up on my way to learning that I really wish I had when i first started u_u".... Basically i only read that you would give me a tip and then the message ended :/

No way! Q_Q I don’t even have the answer saved OTL

Okay.. let’s try this again (and this time I’m saving the answer!)

I personally simplify my anatomy into triangles and lines:

But to do this you have to understand what each of these shapes actually represent, and why they’re shaped that way.

Basically, I would suggest studying from life- studying the bodies on people from websites like quickposes or this one, for example would really help to better your understanding of how bodies actually work, rather than just copying the styles of other artists and carrying forward their mistakes. (Sycra has a very good video that explains it better than I ever can) 

Soo… if you take my style for example, you would see that the basic vertical proportions actually match a regular sized human drawn in 8-head proportion-  I actually only thin out the limbs and make the hands and feet smaller to give it an elongated look.

So… basically, my tip is to break down bodies from real life into simpler shapes (squares circles etc.) and then try to work from there… Try to get your hand used to drawing what an organic curve looks like and after a some practice, you should get there…

Sorry if this wasn’t as helpful as it could’ve been OTL I’m terrible at explaining things…