Updates! And more!

(All righty folks, looks like everyone has responded promptly and on time. c: Which means I can go ahead with the grand prize winner’s image! With the rest following in due time. No need to worry anymore, winners! I have received everyone’s messages.

Thanks so much for playing everyone! This was really uplifting to see the amount of people who like my art enough to want to play! <3 I’m certain to have more raffles in the future, so there’s hope yet if you didn’t win!

In the meantime, while I work on the winner’s picture (and… a few other things), there will be NO updates on either Tech’s blog or Mr. Teabiscuits’ blog! Just too much to juggle! ;A; But, once this is over, and we roll into November, my hope is updates are to become more regular! I’d like to FINALLY get this arc done by the end of the year! Maybe. %D I realize I have… probably promised this before, but I am dying to get this arc done, so hopefully that’ll be the motivation I need to get updates out at a regular pace–without being too stressful or too lax.

Until then, Happy Halloween, everyone! See you on the 31st with the winner’s image!)


Boy, haven’t peeked at this blog in a while, huh?

Anyway, here’s the Royal Seal of the Library of Canterlot. Created some seven-hundred years ago, some time after the creation of the library, the seal is featured in numerous places, including a very large, very visible floor medallion in bronze–a representation of which is in the second image.

Canterlot historians are currently divided as to the fate of the medallions and Seal. With the return of Luna, there is call for revision, but many historians decry possible harm to these verifiable historical artifacts. Some say to move them elsewhere, such as the museum, and craft new ones. Others say to simply install new elements in the Library of Canterlot to be more inclusive to Her Royal Highness, Princess Luna. Some don’t think it matters much.

Mr. Teabiscuits, Head Librarian of the Canterlot Library, had this to say:

“I am, of course, for representation of our beloved second princess. However, I am disinclined to do anything with these emblems. They are our history and are exquisite works of craftsmareship. Moreso, moving them or altering them would require quite a bit of money that the Library is not willing to give without reparation. So unless the money is found, I am afraid nothing, at current, will be happening to the seal. Thank you.”