This time I will put a post limit beforehand since I didn’t managed to finish all my Dance requests the last time, I’m so sorry all of you whom couldn’t get a dance with me last time ;A;/ 

Either way; 

 - I’ll accept 5 Dance requests since I feel like I can’t do anymore that that I’m sorry

- I have a date with the lovely Meenah Pexies ((;oD ))

- Also I do only accept dances from other Canon trolls and Humans from Homestuck, hope you understand <3 

AsK bLoG oPeN! :o)

If ThErE’s aNyThInG yOu WiSh To AsK, gO rIgHt oN bRoThEr Or SiStEr!

hOnK HoNk! :o) 


//OOC: Hello and thank you for reading this! I hope many people will ask a lot of things and I want to try my best to bring forth laughter with my posts! :3 The art-style may change in the future but let’s hope that it change for the better! :3

Best wishes to everyone that read this!~