I NEEDED TO SHOW YOU GUYS MY LOVE! It’s a bit early, but I am super proud of this

So I took about 5 days of my life to do this (。◕▽◕)っ I missed people, and I am super sorry [Grey >_>] that I couldn’t cram all of my tumblr friends into these pictures, but my hand cramped up plenty of times just trying to get these guys in there X3

Everyone featured effected me one way or another, be it making a sad day into a good one, making me smile, taking the time to talk to me, and all that good stuff~

Here’s to another great year!

askwindcheer ask-tarquin-pony littlerubyrue @thatsilversparkblog [Happy belated birthday by the way :3 Why won’t Tumblr let me tag you? o_o] asksandyshores professor-maple-art asktattoomoon indiefoxtail ask-hexandtesla askgray-stripe ask-twistedgravekeeper ask-chaos-and-anarchy ask-toby-the-pony ask-candlelight-song burningsnowflakeproductions pendletondreadfulsrpcorner [Because it won’t let me tag the pendletondreadful blog]