Just a little side project I really wanted to do hope you guys like it
Featuring the amazing asktattoomoon (he’s the little brown one) AKA tat he’s really funny and just plain adorable if you haven’t heard of him please do so he’s really nice.

Star gazing ponies.
Made this cause the ponies in the picture are the sweetest and awesome people I have met since I first started tumblr. There’s 3 ponies I have I accidentally missed out so ask-chaos-and-anarchy , ask-jax-and-equestria & ask-starlight-chaser so sorry I totally realized I didn’t put you two in it once I finished it I promise I’ll draw another for you two ^^.
But for the people in the picture thank you very much for being such amazing people I enjoy all of your guys art they’re all so awesome & adorable. ^u^
((P.s heh I made Bell at least have a small smile))
thatonemusicstore / kawaiibakamod


I can’t believe it!! one year already, this happen so fast QAQ, a lot of stuffs happen this whole year, things I regret, things I enjoyed, things i am sad for, things i am happy for! i really can’t believe all that has happen in my life during this year, I have met incredible people, friends that became best friends, some enemies to but i regret nothing so far.

I start this blog by de influence of other great blogs, and i must say some part of them have notice me and I can’t be more grateful i really want to be one good influence for some new artist/Blog like my sempais did for me.

Thank you to all my followers, friends, people, amigos, i owe you very much, this is all thanks to you, this is one of the things i am most proud of, this blog makes me smile each time i really still can’t believe i got this far! and hope to go further! QAQ