queen-of-the-slayers  asked:

What did you last watch for family movie night, and what was everyones opinions of the movie? Also, fave snacks for everyone?

Tony:  Last weekend we watched some…old home movies actually.  We just got caught up in all of the nostalgia for some reason.  As far as snacks go…I’m a straight up M&Ms man or hershey’s kisses.  Steve likes potato chips or popcorn.  And Petey will steal all of ours and mix them together.

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TONY: I am pretty sure Pete’s said he’s never been grounded before.  And I’d believe him about that.  He wasn’t and still isn’t the type of kid to do something that would get him grounded.  Told you guys I lucked out with the perfect husband and kid.  Now, that’s not to say he hasn’t messed up sometimes but, hey, we all do that.

literatiruinedme  asked:

Hey peter, how do I ask a girl out? ((Just for future reference, I'm not too good at talking to girls I like without stuttering or saying the wrong thing))

Peter:  Oh, God I am not the person to be asking about this.  But you should just…do it.  However you can get it out.  Maybe you ask them to hang out first?  Then if that’s going well ask if you could keep hanging out because you know…Ithinkyou’reprettyawesomeandcuteandIwanttoholdyourhandalot.

Yeah try that.

wirewrappedlily  asked:

You do some absolutely mind-blowing acrobatics, Peter, have you ever done a move and regretted it the next morning? If so, what's your way to get rid of strained muscles?

Peter: Honestly?  I really do have no idea.  I am like the worse about that sort of thing.  I should stretch more.  I know that.  Maybe it’s a spider thing.  I very rarely am too sore the next day.  Mostly just tired.

TONY: School was hard for him for awhile.  He had bad days where he’d come up and just be a wreck.  He could go from bouncing around telling me what all he’d done in Chemistry and then the next minute would be crying telling me what happened with some bullies in the lunch room.  But he’s always been a pretty level headed kid, which he doesn’t get from me, by the way.