queen-of-the-slayers  asked:

What did you last watch for family movie night, and what was everyones opinions of the movie? Also, fave snacks for everyone?

Tony:  Last weekend we watched some…old home movies actually.  We just got caught up in all of the nostalgia for some reason.  As far as snacks go…I’m a straight up M&Ms man or hershey’s kisses.  Steve likes potato chips or popcorn.  And Petey will steal all of ours and mix them together.

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Peter:  When I turned 10, Dad and Pops asked me what I wanted.  They told me we could do anything.  I thought about it the entire week before hand and when my birthday came I had the best answer ever.  I told them I wanted to stay at home.  All day.  And I wanted to order pizza for every meal.  AND, I wanted to make the most epic pillow/blanket fort ever.   Dad and I had a contest to see who could slide down the hall the farthest in their socks.  Pops played Benny Goodman music and danced around like a crazy person.  We did build a blanket fort.  It stayed up the entire weekend.  I remember eating probably my 10th slice of pizza in that fort, while Dad fiddled with TV remote, attempting to fix it, and Pops doodled a picture of the three of us on a napkin.  I still have that napkin up on the bulletin board in my room.