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Peter:  When I turned 10, Dad and Pops asked me what I wanted.  They told me we could do anything.  I thought about it the entire week before hand and when my birthday came I had the best answer ever.  I told them I wanted to stay at home.  All day.  And I wanted to order pizza for every meal.  AND, I wanted to make the most epic pillow/blanket fort ever.   Dad and I had a contest to see who could slide down the hall the farthest in their socks.  Pops played Benny Goodman music and danced around like a crazy person.  We did build a blanket fort.  It stayed up the entire weekend.  I remember eating probably my 10th slice of pizza in that fort, while Dad fiddled with TV remote, attempting to fix it, and Pops doodled a picture of the three of us on a napkin.  I still have that napkin up on the bulletin board in my room.  

vexlyne-blog  asked:

Hey Peter, I know they're your dads, but you doing anything for mothers day?

Peter:  We always go put flowers on Pop’s mom and Dad’s mom’s graves.  Then I either cook brunch or we go out to brunch.  Pepper and Natasha come over.  They’re the closest things to Mom’s I have.  It’s a good day.   Any day that involves brunch is good in my book.

Tony:  Loki tried to kidnap Peter once when he was about 7 or 8.  He took him to Asgard and only lasted a few hours before he brought him back.  Apparently Peter wouldn’t stop talking about…well everything.  He just wouldn’t shut up. He learned that one from me.

Tony:  Steve looks amazing in it.  He looks good in anything.  I’d have to say my favorite is when he lets me pick his clothes for him and I really get to doll him up.  Steve in a three-piece suit is pretty freaking mind melting.  And..and he likes to wear suspenders too.  Yowza.  Just pushing all my kink buttons right there.

Peter: There was going to be a big party at The Avengers tower but something happened with Skrulls in Central Park and the Fantastic Four needed backup (although Dad would argue about the Avengers being backup for anyone)  So you know…I spent my 16th birthday helping evacuate the city.  It was okay though.  Dad and Pops let me punch some bad guys.