[ Alright its finally done, this is the design for Diamond/Pearl Taric. Although that sounded kind of odd so friends and I have lovingly deemed it “White Knight Taric”. I feel like it could have been better, I do not have enough fabulous to put into this picture. I mixed Taric’s Chinese art with his N/A art and I guess this is what he might look like. Oh well. Hopefully its alright.]

Champion: Taric the gem knight

Skin Design: by me.


The little summoner looked around for the source of the sound and noticed something white out of the corner of her eye. A smaller version of the pride stalker sat beside her desk, he seemed unamused at his new size.

She picked up the little lion and placed him on her lap, “Hello Rengar, what are you doing here?” She began to pet him and couldn’t help but think how cute he was.

[Has a major soft spots for cats]