The Ask The Strilondes blog proudly presents its very first Fanmix/FST!

28 songs, plus 2 bonus track, a remix, and a song, I personally found chill cool for Lil Cal. (Frankly, all the songs were personal choices.)

If I could find another big pile of accurate songs, there will be a volume 2, probably!

(I wanted to update this many weeks ago, but the way, how unsatisfied I was with this cover, wouldn’t let me to it. I can only hope, this would keep entertaining you untill the next answers, wich will be approximately 3-4 weeks later! That was one of the reasons, uploading this now.)


Track List:

1. Jared Emerson-Johnson - Combat Begin!!
2. Nujabes - Mystline
3. The Seatbelts/Gabriela Robin - Cats on Mars
4. Nujabes - The space between two worlds
5. Nujabes - Transcendence
6. Yann Tiersen - Birthday Preparations
7. Jared Emerson-Johnson - Cooking Without Looking
8. Pink Martini - Qué Sera Sera
9. The Seatbelts - Go Go Cactus Man
10. Nujabes - Battlecry
11. John Rzeznik - I’m still here
12. Lana Beeson - Soon, you’ll come home
13. The Seatbelts - Cat Blues
14. Nakagawa Koutarou - Stray Cat

15. The Maxwell Implosion - Smile a little smile
16. Gorillaz - The Parish of Space Dust
17. The Cranberries - Ode to my family
18. Neil Diamond - Girl, you’ll be a woman soon
19. Outkast - Behold a lady
20. Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu - Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
21. Massive Attack - Protection
22. Frank Sinatra - New York, New York
23. Baths - You’re my excuse to travel
24. Faithless - Postcards
25. Oren Lavie - Quarter Past Wonderful
26. Kings of Leon - Arizona
27. Meredith Brooks - I’m a bitch, I’m a lover
28. Linda Ronstadt - I get along without you very well
Bonus Tracks:
29. The Seatbelts - Cats on Mars (DMX Krew Remix)
30. The Flashbulb - Creep

Download Link (rar)

Password: askthestrilondes (for extract)

Ask-blog masterlist

Hey there dearies!

I was thinking on the other day, how about listing here my favourite ask-blogs, - specifically those, wich connect with these guys in some way.

Also, if you have suggestions, to put here some coolio Strilonde related ask-blogs, I’ve haven’t witnessed yet, feel free to do that (although, atm The Strilonde askbox is closed, but you can do it everytime on my fanart blog)

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Wow that was fast

I mean, did we just reach more than 2000 followers already? Holy crap.

I feel, like this calls for a special post someday, like a contest, or giveaway, or whatever? I’m clueless, but, I’ll try to figure out something sooner or later.

Anyways, till then, Thanks a lot for the support guys! It means a lot!

“Wait…Dd you say special?! I mean, special ocassions contain lots of alcoholic beverages, served for the celebrated subject, am I right?”

Here is the thing

First of all, hey there everyone! You may noticed the lack of updates going on here. Admittedly, I’m not drawing homestuck fanart that much anymore - but the main reason I kinda neglected my fanartsy stuff, is the fact that I finished uni last year, and I became a freelance artist. For living, I literally do almost everything, sometimes not even art related, just to make sure I don’t constantly have to rely on other’s help. It’s hard sometimes, and I often have to make unfortunate decisions, such as spending less time on fun stuff. And when I have freetime, I rather focusing on my personal projects. I am in the age, when I feel like it’s time to start showing those to the world. It’s an adult thing, I guess.

So yeah long story short, I became a working human! However, since I’m aware some of you might wish to see this askblog getting updates and all, - or at least existed - I do not wish to delete it, at least not yet!

I was thinking for a while and figured out, some of you might interested in becoming a contributor/member, who can help me out running this blog in the future. If you can draw and have some mood and freetime, drop me a message here! I’ve got plenty of ask from the past, when the askbox was still open.

Thank you so much for your understanding, and have all of you a nice day!

Guest artist week anyone? -CLOSED!-

I see a lot people doing this, so I’ve thought, you might interested? That means a re-open of the ask box as well, because I’ve already got answered on those few, I received hunder years ago (I just need to clean up shitload of messy sketches, before I post them. Though, some of them are still on hiatus, so I might going to put those in the optional questions too.)

I don’t know, how this guest artist thing exactly works, but I suppose, it is something like, you participate if you’d like, and I’m going to send you an ask and you submit the finished answer? Is that okay? Or you rather want to choose a question, instead of hitting you as a surprise?

Guest artist F.A.Q.

Okay, I think we’ve got enough guest artist for the first round! But don’t worry if you missed it, I’m pretty sure there will be another one. For that, I will leave the askbox open a bit longer.

The good news is, there are enough artists for not even one, but for two week! Im so excited, I mean, it is truly a fantastic feeling, that so many of you intersted! UvU

For you guest artists, I’ve written here a little FAQ thingie, but if you’ve got more questions, I’m gladly here to answer:

- During this week, all of you whom participated will receive a message with a question. (though, if you don’t really like the chosened one, I don’t mind to look for another.)

- I haven’t came up with deadlines, because I didn’t find it necessary. I’ve figured out, it would be the easiest way to just start posting the answers on the 21th of January untill the 3th of February. That period is exactly two weeks long. Though, if you need more time to finishing your piece, that is fine. Nothing will happen, if you post your answer later, just please let me know about it!

- For the submit, I’m going to allow the blog’s submit option (obviously, people not being a guest artist trying to submit something will be ignored.) I’ll try to queue them in some kind of order, like one post per day or something. It depends on your pace of submitting, I suppose.

- There is no golden rule. You can portrait the characters however you want to. Mostly, because neither I planned this AU out too much. Many things are questionable for me as well. (for example, is the ectobiology exsist here, or they are like a normal family.) Just have fun with the questions! This is why I’m holding this event! :)

Again, thank you for participating and good luck for you all!

Guest artist week anyone? -Messages sent-

Hookay, untill now all of you, who were interested to draw answers, -a.k.a. The Guest Artists hell yeah!- must have got a message in your inbox with your question.

If there’s no message in your box, or the link is broken etc. please let me know, so we can figure out another way.

PS: Sorry for the complicated links, but asks cannot accept them, so I had to cheat a bit before copying them into the box.