The result of my attempt at collaboration with Miss Skye Gazer. It’s not exactly star-fueled super frogs, but it’s interesting. Radi wasn’t terribly thrilled, though… Remember, Radi, advancing the cause of science isn’t always pleasant. Sometimes strange ponies will levitate you upside down!

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The Black Stars protoform hypothesis 101 

Hello, Minty of Mint the (Black) Stars investigator again. I have this hypothesis that when Stars die they not only turn into Black Starss, but they soul “dies” and is replaced by a protoform from another universe. A protoform is a creature used in some forms of duplication magic. Normally the protoform tries to copy the target of the duplicating spell, but in this case the protoform takes control of the Black Stars husk (The Husk is the lifeless body of a Black Stars, duh!) . And having at least some of the same memories a the Star had, they believe themselves to be the Star reborn as a Black Stars. This hypothesis is based on the fact that Big Stars, having some kind of motherly instinct to Shotting Stars, would probably prefer to die that eat one of their children. From what I could Study from the Dark Star know as Harbinger, he has a energy signature, that when compared to those Pinkie Pie clones that ran rampant in Ponyville, is quite similar. Specially after filtering machine interference caused by his symbiosis to some alien artificial satellite of some kind. However, there is the fact that Harbinger was probably himself born from a Black Stars. That’s why the protoform idea is a hypothesis, not a theory, I don’t have enough facts to turn my idea into a theory. Could these protoforms, that need magic to exist into our universe, have enough magic as Black Starss to create more of their own and give them a Dark Star body? Or is just a kind of summoning, and the only that’s created is the Dark Star body? All I have to back up my hypothesis is energy signature, a FILTERED energy signature, add enough filters at a energy signature and you could make it sound as anything you want.. The information about protoforms is quite limited, apparently there was the intent to use them for military applications but let’s just say creating clones of your best warrior and having those clones have the mind of a small child is not a good idea. I will try to investigate more about that, but I will be complicated as my access to the Royal Canterlot library, books has been banned restricted.

- Minty of Mint


Quite a thesis you got build up there, but until anyone can actually get their hooves on enough real life Black Stars (without getting devoured) this will only be theory

And I highly doubt that a dead Star Pony will automaticly because a husk for these protoforms to take over. I believe it is much more complicated than that, to make a Star Pony into a Black Star. In most cases a dieing Great Star would probably explode and spread all if its energy (which its solid form is based on) all across the universe and return said energy to where it once came from. Or just wither away into nothing.

I believe the creation of a Black Star is a matter of the condition of the star’s inner core and weather or not it got corrupted by something. But again, all these things are mostly theory based on whatever we can compaire these life forms with.

- Skye Gazer

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