Thank you all for being part of this blog, one way or another. Thank you for sharing it, enjoying it, contributing to it and thank you, most of all, to show enough interest to follow it for so long, It’s all thanks to you, that it lasted as long as it did.

It has been quite a ride and although it’s always sad when something ends, nothing can go on forever. This blog was my first baby steps onto tumblr and I have learned so much through it. I have met so many wonderful people as well as said goodbye to them.

Thank you all. Keep on rocking and keep on enjoying the wonders you create as well as found shared by others.

- Puffy


SHOOTING STARS AFTER DARK paused in her play with tentacle to find, read and Like my MLP Fan Fiction, Did Unhinged Pony Just Save Equestria?, written for Unhinged Pony’s writing contest.

SHOOTING STARS AFTER DARK  is not a member of our Happy Herd but the Mod, Puffy, found my tale anyway, so I took a look.  The blog info warns of NSFW but I saw precious little of it.  What I did see was a lot of fun.  This is the Mod Blog of Ask Star Shot, which is SFW.  I took a look there too.

I can easily recommend both blogs to my Happy Herd. 

Letter to Red Velvet

I have had a lot of things to think about after my visit and our talk. I admit I feel I agree on many of the things we talked about, but that does not make you right on all of it.

I still stand by blaming you. Perhaps just to have someone else to blame other than myself. But this also means I am accepting you as my father. You are not what any foal would imagine their missing father to be like, but I guess you are what I got.

I refuse to be like the commen fools out there, but neither am I anything like you or your sick friends.

But I still accept you are my father, without whom I would never exist. For better and for worse. I cannot promise that I will ever wish to visit you again in that horrid place, but I shall not refuse to keep contact. Sick or not, you are one of the far few ponies I have ever talked to who make any sense and does not talk like an ignorant.

Best regards

- your daughter

I understand completely, and I accept you as well.  I still think your blame is misplaced, but on that matter, you need to discover the truth, and how to deal with it, yourself.  As for aspiring not to be like everypony else, but also not like my fellow inmates and I… I never thought I’d say this to anypony, but I’m proud of you.

If you ever need somepony to talk to, you know where to find me.  And I also promise you this - no matter what, I will never involve you in any of my more frowned-upon activities.

Take care,

- Red Velvet

The result of my attempt at collaboration with Miss Skye Gazer. It’s not exactly star-fueled super frogs, but it’s interesting. Radi wasn’t terribly thrilled, though… Remember, Radi, advancing the cause of science isn’t always pleasant. Sometimes strange ponies will levitate you upside down!

((Please visit askstarshot! Art by that blog’s mod – I would’ve reblogged if I could, but it was posted up as an Answer, so this was the best I could do.))


Princess of Night and Night Guards say I be ready talk to other ponies now. Try meet friends. Still need bubble for safe, but no be sad any more.

(( Yes, we are back in business again! A few changes, just gonna see how things will go.

Among the changes you’ll see the ask box being closed a lot more during the run of this blog. I plan to be more selective with the asks and not overload myself by insisting on using every and all asks I ever get, it’ll just be too much.

I have deleted all the old asks from before the hiatus to start a fresh. Thanks to all of you who are still around and interested after this long, long wait ))


Only bad little Star Ponies go to Dark Space… Only bad little Star Ponies go to Dark Space… Only bad little Star Ponies go to Dark Space… Only bad little Star Ponies go to Dark Space… Only bad little Star Ponies go to Dark Space…

Didn’t mean to… Didn’t mean to… Didn’t mean to… Didn’t mean to…Didn’t mean to… Didn’t mean to…Didn’t mean to… Didn’t mean to…Didn’t mean to… Didn’t mean to…Didn’t mean to… Didn’t mean to…Didn’t mean to… Didn’t mean to…

(( Woah, look at that. A wild update appears! Sit very still so we don’t scare it away, shhh… ))