[[aw shoot. i just done remembered a thing and now i’m having not-quite-sadfeels.
thinking about.. that bit of chatRP awhile ago that happened with springs and patina and notasracyjon and the rv. i mean.
the jon was just out there, man. wandering. got picked up by a buncha bots in a bus.
i didn’t really think much of it at the time. thought it seemed kind of weird.
but it was absurdly in-character. u_u]]

I wish I’d remembered to get a nice close-up photo of the makeup from the beginning of the day at Ohayocon 2014, this was at the end and it wasn’t its best. Also phone-mirror-selfies suck.

Anyway, I tried to add a little detail in shading the “canvas” in the eyes, cheeks, and neck, and also tried dripping a little of the brown down from under the cutaways and screws to make it look like slightly rusted iron. I couldn’t find my powder brush when applying the silver, so it kinda came on a little strong.