[[aw shoot. i just done remembered a thing and now i’m having not-quite-sadfeels.
thinking about.. that bit of chatRP awhile ago that happened with springs and patina and notasracyjon and the rv. i mean.
the jon was just out there, man. wandering. got picked up by a buncha bots in a bus.
i didn’t really think much of it at the time. thought it seemed kind of weird.
but it was absurdly in-character. u_u]]


Made these two for the twins’ birthday. Hope they’ll like them! Crappy blurry photo included for color reference in a different white balance. And yes, the rabbit’s gear does rotate!

(I want to make ones for the rest of the guys to give at Youmacon, but I don’t know what they would like! Any ideas?)

I wish I’d remembered to get a nice close-up photo of the makeup from the beginning of the day at Ohayocon 2014, this was at the end and it wasn’t its best. Also phone-mirror-selfies suck.

Anyway, I tried to add a little detail in shading the “canvas” in the eyes, cheeks, and neck, and also tried dripping a little of the brown down from under the cutaways and screws to make it look like slightly rusted iron. I couldn’t find my powder brush when applying the silver, so it kinda came on a little strong.

asksprings said: Wow, did you make those? (I kinda wish the Jon were doing the limp-leg shuffle bit)

yep i made them all by myself. it took about 17 hours and it was tedious as hell but they’re my bbs and so worth it xD

and i made the jon with the hulahoop because he’s always LOOK WHAT I CAN DO instead of going along with what the others are doing. and it was inspired by all the pictures i saw of him with a hulahoop on the day i drew them. i made up that pose tho. idk if he can do that.

at least that’s what he’s like in my head.

and what limp leg shuffle bit? that he himself does or is it in the video? i can’t really stand the song long enough to even watch it all so idk if you’re referencing it or not.

cosmmoe52 replied to your post: Good lord people.

What? What did we do this time?

fosterash replied to your post: The NOTES. I  I just. guh.

What’s wrong dear?

octopuswithamoustache replied to your post: Good lord people.

whhaaatt’s going onnn? What so many notes? D:

It’s my Racy!Racy!Spine drawing.

asksprings replied to your post: IT HAS 44 NOTES I HAVE NEVER HAD THAT BEFORE.

Maybe you should draw more! I’ve never seen you draw before, had no idea you were so good!

;_; Thankies.