McCoy: Hiccups, eh? You know, come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever caught him hiccupin’ before…

Spock: Vulcans are as equally prone to hiccups as humans are.

McCoy: I suppose your “superior” Vulcan biology allows you to control them better?

Spock: On the contrary, Doctor. Vulcans are merely less prone to partake in the causes of hiccups such as consuming carbonated or alcoholic beverages, or suffering from emotional stress or excitement.

McCoy: No emotional stress or excitement, eh? *leans closer to Spock, refusing to blink or break the eye contact*

Spock: *stiffens posture* What are you doing, Doctor? 

McCoy: *moves a bit closer, grinning* Don’t mind me, Mr. Spock. 

Spock: That is becoming increasingly difficult, given you are enclosing on my personal space rather quickly.

McCoy:  *stills* Oh. Is my closeness bothering you?

Spock: *flushes slightly* I did not state that it did.

McCoy: Then you’ll have no problem with this, right? *Pecks Spock’s cheek with a kiss*

Spock:  *inahales sharply in surprise* Doctor, I- *flinches*

McCoy: Spock? *moves away a bit* What’s wrong?

Spock: *hesitates* I think that-HIC

McCoy:  …You’re kidding me. *grins*

Spock: This is not hu-HIC-merous, Leonard.

McCoy: *bursts out laughing* Oh my god! You’ve actually got the hiccups! I gotta show Jim this! *rushes out the door*

Spock:  *calling after him* Leonard, do not-HIC-involve the -HIC-Captain!

Once upon a time, there was an ambassador named Sarek. Sarek visted the Enterprise one day to talk to his son’s chosen mate. So, Sarek walked up to Captain James T. Kirk.

However, Kirk told Sarek “I’m not in a relationship with Spock.”

Sarek was confused. If it wasn’t Kirk, the most logical choice, then who could it be?

He talked to Lt. Uhura at the communications station. “Are you my son’s chosen mate?” he asked.

“Maybe on an alternate time line,” Uhura answered.

Sarek asked Nurse Chapel down in Sickbay. He had heard that she liked his son. “Are you my son’s chosen mate?” he asked.

Nurse Chapel got flustered but finally answered. “No.”

Sarek considered asking Dr. McCoy while he was in Sickbay, but he knew that McCoy was the most illogical person in the universe and therefore impossible to be Spock’s chosen mate. And so, Sarek continued his search elsewhere.

Sarek went to Engineering to talk to Mr. Scott. “Are you my son’s chosen mate?” he asked for the third time that day. As a Vulcan, he did not get annoyed, but if he weren’t, he’d be irritated by the question at that point.

“No,” Scotty answered. “My only love is the Enterprise.”

Sarek went to ask Sulu, but he found Sulu making out with Chekov where they thought no one could see them. He decided to rule out both of them and ask someone else.

Sarek didn’t know who to ask next. He had gone through all the logical choices, and none of them were in a relationship with his son. He decided to try asking Spock directly. He walked into the next hallway where he saw Spock standing in wait. Before Sarek could reach him, Dr. McCoy walked up to Spock and proceeded to give Spock a Vulcan hand kiss which Spock reciprocated.

“…Oh,” Sarek said.

And that was how Sarek learned Spock and McCoy are dating each other.

The End


McCoy: “Thankfully, it seems that Spock is rather reluctant to call me that.”

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McCoy: “Well, I wouldn’t call it flirting. Not at first, at least.”

Spock: “Indeed, Doctor McCoy’s original intentions were a futile attempt to prove himself right.”

McCoy: “I was right and you know it.”

Spock: “As for the status of our relationship, we believe ourselves to be equals.”

McCoy: “Or at least, two sides of the same coin. Emotion and logic.”

Spock: “Fury and calm?”

McCoy: “Quiet. Basically, we complete each other. What was that Vulcan word you used, Spock?”

Spock: “We are T'hy'la.”

McCoy: “Yes, that.”

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