McCoy: “The easy answer here is: no, we’re not bonded. Not fully, anyway. We are bonded, but not the full marriage deal yet.”

Spock: “We are at the midpoint in our bonding. I believe we have answered this inquiry before, stating that we intend to fully bond when we are next in the vicinity of Vulcan.”

McCoy: “Don’t think this was just thought up over night. We’ve been discussing it for some time now. It’s the… Erm… Logical next step.”

Spock: *quirks brow* “Doctor McCoy?”

McCoy: “Yeah, yeah, don’t get big-headed, Mister Spock. Well, I’ll tell you one thing. It’s… unusual, waking up and knowing what Spock is doing or where he is without even seeing him. Of course, that’s when he projects his thoughts, mainly. Not so used to having someone able to read your projected thoughts, are ya?”

Spock: “I do admit that I have not yet acclimated to blocking my thoughts at all times as of yet. You, however, doctor, have quite a lesser control over this than I do.”

McCoy: “What do you expect when I’m all of a sudden learning all this telepathic mumbo-jumbo? It’s harder than it sounds.”

Spock: “I am aware of the difficulties. That is the reason I am here to aid you, Doctor.”

McCoy: “Good thing, since I’m being bonded to you and all. Wouldn’t want another person poking around inside my head.”

Spock: “I can assure you there will be no ‘poking around’ in your mind, Doctor.”

McCoy: “Oh, uh, I didn’t mean you, Spock. Well, I like my privacy and all, but since we’re bonded, and I trust you. Uh… Well, you have more invitation than anyone else, basically. You know what I mean. Anyways, what are your thoughts on this experience, Mr. Spock?”

Spock: *raises eyebrow* “Are you not aware of my thoughts on the experience?”

McCoy: “Spock-”

Spock: “It is an interesting experience. It is quite different than my previous bonding with T'Pring.”

McCoy: “…Is that different meant in a good or bad way?”

Spock: “Which do you deduce it is, Doctor?”

McCoy: “You mean… Oh. Uh. Well, I feel that you mean… it’s positive.”

Spock: “Indeed.”

McCoy: “Well, that’s a relief.”

Spock: “It is certainly positive if my mind has consistent training against illogic.”

McCoy: “Don’t be smart, Spock. And don’t say that you can’t change your level of intelligence or something like that.”

Spock: “It appears that you have become quite adept with the bond, Doctor.”

McCoy: “Not adept. I just know you better than you think.”

Once upon a time, there was an ambassador named Sarek. Sarek visted the Enterprise one day to talk to his son’s chosen mate. So, Sarek walked up to Captain James T. Kirk.

However, Kirk told Sarek “I’m not in a relationship with Spock.”

Sarek was confused. If it wasn’t Kirk, the most logical choice, then who could it be?

He talked to Lt. Uhura at the communications station. “Are you my son’s chosen mate?” he asked.

“Maybe on an alternate time line,” Uhura answered.

Sarek asked Nurse Chapel down in Sickbay. He had heard that she liked his son. “Are you my son’s chosen mate?” he asked.

Nurse Chapel got flustered but finally answered. “No.”

Sarek considered asking Dr. McCoy while he was in Sickbay, but he knew that McCoy was the most illogical person in the universe and therefore impossible to be Spock’s chosen mate. And so, Sarek continued his search elsewhere.

Sarek went to Engineering to talk to Mr. Scott. “Are you my son’s chosen mate?” he asked for the third time that day. As a Vulcan, he did not get annoyed, but if he weren’t, he’d be irritated by the question at that point.

“No,” Scotty answered. “My only love is the Enterprise.”

Sarek went to ask Sulu, but he found Sulu making out with Chekov where they thought no one could see them. He decided to rule out both of them and ask someone else.

Sarek didn’t know who to ask next. He had gone through all the logical choices, and none of them were in a relationship with his son. He decided to try asking Spock directly. He walked into the next hallway where he saw Spock standing in wait. Before Sarek could reach him, Dr. McCoy walked up to Spock and proceeded to give Spock a Vulcan hand kiss which Spock reciprocated.

“…Oh,” Sarek said.

And that was how Sarek learned Spock and McCoy are dating each other.

The End


McCoy: “Thankfully, it seems that Spock is rather reluctant to call me that.”

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McCoy: “This young girl we met from Sentilla VI seems to have her own plans for our wedding. Don’t understand why I have to be the one in a dress.”

Spock: “If I may, Doctor, I would think robes from a Vulcan bonding ceremony would suit us better.”

McCoy: “Is that so? It’s still pretty much a dress, but I think I can live with it.”

Spock: “Perhaps next time we are in the vicinity of Vulcan?”

McCoy: “Indeed, Mr. Spock. But only if we have a Terran-style wedding next time we’re near Earth, as well. I’d love to get married back in Georgia– In men’s clothes, mind you.”

Spock: “Certainly, Leonard. However, I must insist that I wear men’s clothes as well.”

McCoy: “We’ll get you in a nice suit, Spock. Don’t you worry a bit.”

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