Here, look like Spectrette. … with eyes.

At any rate- HEY look! It’s ponies! :D

Here’s the frigg’in awesome blogs I used.

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Here, have some fanart! :D

I know it’s kind of deep, but hey. I was always wondering what bullies, acquaintances, family, doctors, ect. thought about poor little hugsworth. 

I know hugsworth is a pretty sane, stable good pony with a mind of morals. So, don’t take this too seriously. Unless he says it’s okay and it turns out to be something. … yeah._. *conspire*

Kbye. :3


Pshhh, you dun need a flash light for dem eyez. (/)-w-)/) *ghost swagger*

But seriously, tank you for the ask. I appreciate such a quetion. Now excuse me while I finish a certain commission for Foxyrtheorangekitty. err.. pony. Shit i dunno anymore. Ima just go finish it now tho… thrn get to a bunch of awesome asks I just got. Cuz I have awesome friends.



From how long it took to make this, it should’ve been like… a million slides.


It’s done now, how frigg’in awesome! And thank you Vitti for asking that question. I was trying to fit in a way to explain his new hair-cut but I couldn’t find any so right in the middle of doing a different story board that kind of looked really bad, I changed it to this. None the frigg’in less, thankz yeez.

Let me explain the picture. So, ever since I made Disturbed, I purposely made his mane a little odd cut, messy, tangled, and weird. (that was the point). But most recently, it been getting harder to draw his unruly mane as my art style is changing quite quickly, advancing so to say. 

So what’s my method to solve this problem? SEND HIM TO THE DAMN BARBER’S SHOP! Yeah, I cleaned him up. Alas, like him, he hates change. It makes him feel like a piece of him is gone. (in this case quite literally). So he needed a hug from two pretty mares. And so he did.

Commission for FoxyrTheOrangeKitty. This will probably be the first and last damn time I’ll made an anthro after someone I know in real life. I’m sorry I slaughtered your face Foxxy… I didn’t have a reliable picture of you, the only picture I had was in my head, but god knows it’s not reliable. 

So this is my attempt to make a shmexy Foxyr. … I’m not sure it worked. But hey! I tried. I’ll make more human translations of you foxxy- in the future when it’s needed. Plus, this isn’t you actual outfit if you’re wondering. I just uh… got creative? … GREEN IS NOT A CREATIVE COLOR. D:

Anyhow, Yay it’s finally done. Hope it’s alright with you Foxxy, have a good one. Yay. :3

Disturbed: When I first saw her… I felt like I had ran a thousand miles. My heart… for the first time in as long as I can remember… I could feel it pounding in my chest. My veins crawled up my neck and showed in other places as well. It’s kind of my way of blushing I guess…

Disturbed: I started to tremble. It wasn’t because there was a ghost standing in my living room, but because when our eyes met, something long forgotten, somewhere in the back of my mind had came back to life. …

Disturbed: What! What else are you expecting!? Go away, I don’t want to talk about it anymore! D:<

So if you didn’t know, how they met up was, one winter in the Everfree over her final resting place, Spectrette decided to rest her tired head and sleep for a while. When she had awoken, the Everfree forest around her had changed, it was replaced by a dark and gloomy abode. She stood up and and looked around at this interesting yet shocking change to her resting place. Then a gasp was heard coming from behind her. She turned to see a pegasus with rather odd markings. She turned fully to face him. No words were exchanged, nor any facial expression besides the shock on the odd pegasus’s face. “Uhm.. hello.” said the sweet caressing voice of the phantom.