“There are a few things that can go awry when there’s too much stress in a pregnancy, including premature labour and birth, which can have negative effects on both mare and foal.. Your baby’s development seems fine, but some well-deserved R&R is what’s best for both of you right now.”
“Look! There’s the little feeties!”

[Continuing the picture I drew for Snow.
Mod can’t draw today, let alone an ultrasound picture, so have a blurry grey smudge. ^^;]

Desire for a Dreadful Date Part 2

Desire’ looked at him as his reply to all her fussing was … ‘what’. She stared at him for a moment before she chuckled and very softly flicked him in the forehead. “Are you okay?” She asked as his attention seemed to be focused on her now. She gently kissed his cheek again before tapping his nose and then pointed to hers. “Focus…take a deep breath in….and hold……and slowly let it out” She said softly. “Focus on me for a moment, okay?” She requested. Once she was sure he was paying attention she smiled at him. “Now…did you want me to drive you home? Or would you like to hang out here until you’re feeling better?” She asked. Giving him choices again, giving him the choice to choose one or the other rather then demanding things from him

The deep breath of her scent didn’t really help in terms of focus but her request for reason did. Pen was just too emotionally aroused from a fight and having a mare be so close when he wasn’t at all used to this level yet…hormones. Yep. Hormones. Chrysta had warned him about him about it. Desire had the good sense to remind him when he needed it. Okay. Cool down time.

“Let’s, uh, let’s wait here for a while. Would you like shotgun? I can close the door and we can chat a bit. One of the things I’d like of like to do is get to know you a little more. I mean…now that you brought it up, I kind of leaped at dating a little soon. We don’t really even know each other. I can understand if you’d like a rain check on it. I don’t even really know your name other then when it came up on my phone…which…fuck…that’s embarrassing to say out loud…really, really embarrassing…but if that’s true, then why would you want to go out on a date with me, really?

"I’d still like to go with you, it’s not that! I guess I’m just trying to break the ice a little now…so maybe it’s not so awkward later?”

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Dreadful Families

Diane hummed happily as she bounced around the kitchen. She couldn’t help herself. ‘He’ had flown in earlier while Pendleton was at school and while they had the house to themselves the scoundrel let her know just how much he missed her. The older mare was still blushing a bit thinking about it. Nothing like his tingly touch to make her feel like a school filly again. Her flanks were even still a little sensitive. She couldn’t wait until her beloved returned home with their son and for the first time in forever they would sit down as a family for dinner. Red wine was almost finished breathing while the scent of cream, butter and herbs filled the surrounding rooms. He had been gone far too long…her love, her mate, her life.

Penitent Dreadful.

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                                       Color Flats DONE!

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.                                       De Writer’s Art(?)

End of a Friendship

Pen worked in the field putting the West Equestrian Hoofball team’s equipment away after their practice. He’d already had an earful from Mr. Cross about the damage he did to the wall around the dumpster. He didn’t want to talk about everything that made him worry but it was enough to make Pendleton wonder if there was something being kept from him. The entire time he was in that office all the brown pony could think about was how his hand and wrist burned as the occasional fragments of stone fell from his skin. The more his body burned, the more it seemed to heal from what he did to it. But…that seemed tied to how he angry he was. The brown pony had been given plenty of time to observe it as he listened. He didn’t want to admit it but the truth was glaring him in the face. His anger gave him power. That was wrong. Anger wasn’t the right way, was it?

The scabs were already falling off of his hand as he tried to go over again and again how things had gotten here. Why his emotions couldn’t settle back down.

“Pen? Hey, can I talk to you for a moment?” The colt tensed a little at the sound of the pegasus’s voice.

“Yeah…sure…I’m just…it’s been a long day…” What he wanted to do more than anything was run. To weight lift. To punch a bag. Even after the pain of hitting concrete he needed to move. He needed…he needed to follow the burning inside. Somehow the idea of looking at Dark Knight right now was just making him grit his teeth.

Darien smiled softly. “Thanks…I bet it’s been a rough day for you. With what happened with Elisa I can imagine you’re pretty tore up.”

The earth pony’s heart kept beating hard. “Not as much as you’d think. She’s a bitch and we both know it.”

“That’s a little harsh…”

“It’s also true. If you haven’t noticed then you can’t be that smart, can you?” The words popped out of him before the colt could stop them. Pen had absorbed more than enough shit to pretend that playing nice was that much an option. Besides, Darien was the one to bring Elisa and him together. He was responsible for a lot of pain. The colt had to put his growing energy into something. Grabbing the nearest piece of equipment without looking, he started trying to lift it. Thankfully it was heavier than he thought. “I swear…after so long of dealing with that…who wouldn’t boil over, you know?”

The blackened pegasus smiled. “I know, and you have every right to feel that way. But you still need to take a step back. You are being way too mean when maybe you haven’t heard her full story…”

“MEAN?! ’HER’ full story?! Where the fuck were you when ‘I’ needed to be heard? When I was listening to her fuck strange stallions? Tell me, how am ‘I’ being unreasonable?!” He felt his blood coursing in his veins. He shouldn’t feel this way toward Dark Knight. He was his friend. The ebon stallion cared about him when no pony else did. So why did he hate him so much right now? “You were there, Dark. You were there as she ordered me around. You were there. You saw how I did everything she asked….I even worked just to pay for what she wanted…” Metal groaned as something started giving under his fingers.

The pegasus’s wings spread genially, trying to calm his friend. “And that makes you a good colt…why would you risk that with this…fit? Pen…stop…you’re…you’re trying to move the bleachers. You can’t even see straight anymore let alone think straight. Listen to me. You probably aren’t even remembering things right. Elisa was simply upset because…”

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Desire for a Dreadful Date Part 1

The lunch bell had run a little while ago. Ponies pass back and forth along with a stray changeling, fluffy dragon…who knew what Timmy was…while the sun shone from above. The weather was a little fairer through the waving leaves. It almost felt as though it were a wink to the coming autumn. The gentle breeze played with a last minute study attempt which elicited a sharp cuss while they tried to find their place again.

An ebony mare sat across a chocolate colored stallion with a grey snout, shaking her head at the slightly swollen right eye he sported. He was trying to eat his food more civilly but a wave of her hand seemed to encourage him to start wolfing it down. Her emerald tail swayed a little in amusement at his hunger.

Bright violet hues scanned the area, she wasn’t there to find a place to eat, or to have lunch in general. No, she was looking for a certain stallion she had been hearing quite a bit about. Someone who punched a brick wall, shattering the stone and was able to bend metal bleachers out of place. Her ears perked as she found the brown stallion with his mare friend. She headed over towards them. She was intrigued by this one. Usually she took little to no interest in mares or stallions her age but…he seemed out of place here. “Hello,” She greeted the two with a bright smile as she looked at both of them warmly and noticed Pen’s mouthful of food and chuckled, “Someone’s hungry, eh?” She asked looking down at his over half empty tray. “Mind if I sit?” She asked, tucking some of her pale mane back over her shoulder. She was a cute grey painted mare who seemed innocent enough.

“Hewwo?” The young stallion asked with a full mouth. Choking down a bite of vegetable sandwich, he managed to cough out a weaker “hello” before nodding. At closer range she could see that his shirt and vest weren’t fitting him so well. They look like something meant for a smaller pony. The school year hadn’t started that long ago…it had to have been some sort of clerical error. “Sure, uh…have a seat. Plenty of room at this table as you can see,” a weak laugh escaped him. For being a little bigger he seemed to be a bit shier when talked to directly. “If you need this table for you and your friends than I can go…”

“Now, Pendleton…back straight. Don’t be afraid to hold your own place. New life, new way, new luck, right?” The dark mare smiled with at him with slitted irises. “You have the same right to anything any student has. Those assholes are just trying to keep you as you were and you know it.” She leaned in a little.

His eyes narrowed a little as he ripped a chunk out of his sandwich as a hint of warmth filtered into the soft breeze. The blackened mare pushed her lunch to him with heavy lidded eyes.

“Don’t you want it?”

“Nah…I’ve already had a nibble. You could use it more.” She turned her gaze toward the newcomer. “This isn’t an exclusive party…yet. Have a seat. As you can see, I’m trying to help Pen build a little confidence. His ex didn’t help but…well, you can see, he’s about as forceful as a sack of potatoes.”

“Hey!” He pouted a bit.

She smirked. “See? Almost seems like he should have grown up on a farm or something, eh? With Ma and Pa Seed teaching him how to use his strength for good.”

He rolled his eyes. “I swear…lose your temper once, or twice…or a few times…and ponies talk…”

Desire took a seat next to Pen, taking note as he tried to offer to leave and how Chrysta told him to more or less stick up for himself. “No, no I came here looking for you actually.” She said with perked ears and smiled at Pen. She noticed how his uniform looked… a tad too small for him and couldn’t help but stare for a moment before her violet hues. “She’s got a point, I never understood why you hung around them when they always just seemed to use you. I was glad when I heard you and Elisa broke up” She said and scooted a bit closer to him. “First things first,” She said and looked up at him. “Are you and Chrysta dating?” She asked, being rather blunt. Desire’ looked at Chrysta as he joked about his being such a push over. “I don’t think it’s such a bad trait, but she has a point, it’s also good to stand up for yourself. Which is why I want to ask you a question, and I want you to answer it honestly.” She said and sat up straight and looked at him. “Would you like to go on a date with me this weekend?” She asked with soft hues. Desire was popular in the least but she did have her own reputation about being more flirty to the school staff then her fellow students so this would be news to anyone who liked to gossip.

“Uhhh…why? Ow!” He winced before giving his friend a look. “Chrysta, what the hell was that foOuch!”

She smirked at him before turning back to Desire with a raised eyebrow. “We aren’t dating, no. And I think Pen meant to say that a different way, didn’t you, Pen?” The ink black mare gave some emphasis to her voice to penetrate the thickness of his skull.

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