((I need to organize relationships on tumblr asks:

AskSlendy-AskSlenderwoman are an item…

AsktheSlendy-AskSlenderwoman are friends (I’d say AsktheSlendy is her gay best friend if I wouldn’t be slaughtered by Slendy)

Vampirenote13-AsktheSlenderwoman are friends who do crazy ass shinanigans together/The later babysits Vampirenote13 while Slendy is out hunting (Lol)

Vampirenote13-AsktheSlendy are in a servant-master relationship, with Vampy being the proxy. One with free will who screws around all the time, but is reliable when push comes to shove (Like getting Slendy a new tie. ;D)
Otherwise, she for some reason wants to try and shove Slenderman and Masky into a room together. 

Vampirenote13-Jeff …. Crazy ass shit, man, don’t even THINK about it.

Ironicjellyfish-Slenderman have a weird friendship… Where Slendy is treated human/like a pet..

Egyptianrainbowleprechaun is the crazy who wants to take over the world.

Heyacey is the founder of the Slenderman religion.

daftdarlin is currently rooming with Vampirenote13 to save on rent. They are going trick-or-treating with Slendy.

Emma-of-hearts and AsktheSlendy are going to prom to be forever alone together.

AskSlendygirl is the Slenderwoman with hair, who is pretty quiet most of the time, staying on the corner of tumblr…

 AskLadyJustine wants to dissect everyone… 

Pure–Insanity and Slendy are acquainted…  

And I know I’m missing people. D: ))