A/N: This story is to answer some of the questions some of you asked. The first one is above. I’ll post one part at a time. The first part doesn’t have a drawing with it. But I hope you all will like it. it took all of my will power to write it. Enjoy!

How Silver met Ares


Part 1

It was a beautiful day when Silver was five years old. He and his mother, Willow, were outside of Canterlot. At a quite empty plain except for one lonely oak standing upon one of the many hills.

Willow had placed herself under the tree, reading a book in the shadows of it. Just meters away Silver was playing around with some butterflies. It all was so calm and quiet, just like Willow liked it. She was so into the book and nice weather that she didn’t notice when Silver got a bit further away, behind a hill where she can not see him.

Silver was so busy playing, that he didn’t notice it either. Chasing the butterfly urging them to come down and play with him. But that came to a stop when he suddenly heard something, it sounded like it came from above.

“Look out!!” Was the only thing he heard, before looking up, a griffin crashing down right on top of him. They both groaned after the crash, Silver who has closed his eyes on impact slowly opened them to look up at the griffin.

The griffin couldn’t possibly be younger than him, maybe a year older or two? From above he could hear laughter, he looked past the griffin on top of him to spot another one in the sky, this one red and darker details, and he was clearly bigger than the other one.

When the bigger griffin noticed that Silver had seen him, he stopped laughing and flew away. Silver turned his attention back to the smaller griffin.

“Are you okay?” Silver asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine..” The griffin answered as he got up on his legs. “Sorry about that.” He stretched out his wing to help Silver up.
“Who was that that griffin?” Silver asked curiously as he got up with the help from the other.
“That was Pache, he’s a big meanie.” Silver tilted his head to the side and the griffin continued.
“He pushed me and I lost my concentration of flying, luckily you were there to catch me.” He ended with a grin.

It was at that time Silver Actually got a good look at his colors. His main color was obviously brown, but his head, wings, feet and tail all toned out towards gray and then white.

“You can stop staring now.” The Griffin said, still grinning from ear to ear.
“I-I wasn’t staring!” Silver stuttered embarrassed that the griffin caught him in the act of looking at him. Before he could even blink the griffin took off to the sky without even a word, not even a good bye.

“Silver! Silver, where are you?!” He hear his mother yell from behind the hill, the sky had gotten darker, it was probably about to rain.
“I’m here!” He ran back to his mother.
“There you are! I got so worried when I couldn’t find you! What happened?” Willow looked at her son, who was covered in dirt from being  on the ground.

“I met a griffin.” He said with a smile. Willow sigh, deciding not to question her son, for she had not seen a griffin.

“Let’s go home.” She said, and home they went.