Shirin: “Y-you… Lived in a tribe too?,” she breathed in disbelief, “I-I… Yeah of course! Most of our rituals were based around the hunts, new life and so on because my tribe worshiped the deity, Vedis, who was a bringer of life and plenty… Our main ones were celebrations when new enders were brought into the world and rites of passage when an ender went on and completed one of their first successful hunts by themselves… Our daily activities were pretty natural and relaxed and full of laughter and stories.” Shirin paused a moment, scratching at her neck, “and… What about you? What was your tribe like?”  

Tooth and Nail (Closed RP with AskShirin)

   Day two of Winsor and Shirin’s excursion. The pair had slept somewhat soundly through a thunderstorm at Shirin’s former home, a temple nestled in the heart of the jungle. She had showed him all there was to see- the little huts surrounding a clearing, and the temple, which was haven to a statue of Shirin’s deity Vedis. She had brought him here to show him what was left… And to get him out of the desert for once. The visit to the now vacant village was emotionally draining, especially for Shirin.

   They had embarked on their journey back to the desert line early that morning, just before the sun peeked over the horizon. Winsor watched his every step carefully, feeling wary of the unfamiliar jungle floor.
“Have you ever climbed one of these?” He asks, looking upwards at the towering trees above just briefly. “It seems easy, but better said than done, right?”
   He stops in his tracks. “Hold on… Did ya hear that, Shirin?” He paces forward a few steps. “That don’t sound good… Like a rustlin’ or somethin’… Over there.”

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