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psst hey do you wanna tell me bout steam powered giraffe I'm interested in them


Ok omg, Steam Powered Giraffe is a band whose members are all ‘robots’. But really, just calling them a band is kind of a big understatement??? Because while they do a lot of really great music  and you COULD just listen to that, they also do lots of improv and comedy skits, and have really developed characters and mythology behind the whole band…!

Brass Goggles is a great introduction song, bc it’s got a short kind of synopsis of their story and also has some great acting [though the video is a little dated character-wise: Rabbit [bot in the middle w/ the megaphone]’s makeup has changed p substantially since then, and The Jon [top hat n feather] is no longer with the group. 

The SPG Website has a playlist set up with a lot of good samples of their music, too! Plus bio posts for all of the ‘bots and humans in the band, and a detailed backstory if you wanna read it!!

Also, they p much all have tumblrs. * 0 * The main SPG blog is here, Rabbit’s is here, and here is his actor Bunny Bennett; the Spine’s blog here and his actor David Michael Bennett is here, Hatchworth’s blog is here along with his actor Same Luke here. The humans have tumblrs, too— the sound manager Steve Negrete and vocalist/keyboard/purple tanktop sass man Michael Reed 

W H E W okay I think I’ve got most of this covered, sorry it’s such a long post and please don’t be intimidated as I went really too far into detail than I needed to I guess….! But good luck, I hope you enjoy them!!!

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Dear ex, Dear future me, and Dear gf!!

ALREady did future me but!!

Dear Ex,

you’re a pretty sweet and nice person. I’m glad we’re still friends. and I’m sorry we never really got close. I was scared then. I think you were, too, now that I really remember. So maybe this was for the best?? But you’re still cool. Also I need to give you back your Azumanga Daioh collection, sorry about that eek-!!;;

Dear GF,

wow okay we are approaching Maximum Sap Territory fuckin’ watch out. I really really love you. And I think I am really really in love with you, too. You make me excited about the future. Dating isn’t scary so long as it’s dating YOU. Neither is commitment. And I’ve been scared of these things for forever it’s really awful and I felt super selfish and shallow about it but idk you make me feel?? Less of that??

Wow I’m good at words. But I just… I feel like we’re connected in some really dumb sappy way. Like we’re the yuri manga characters who are shown on the cover with their pinkie fingers connected with a red string. That’s us. And I get excited every time we bring up our hypothetical married life. I don’t care how silly it is to be thinking about that at our age, it’s just…

Really really exciting. You are exciting. ILY. <3

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spineworth where hatchworth is the most clingy, needy, masochistic sub, and spine likes being his dom but is tired out by it and just wants to nap so hatchy sleeps on top of him and waits for spine to wake up and when he does the first thing he asks him is just like, "can you hurt me more please sir" (idk what im doin', evenin' akah! happy holidaiz)

okay but this has just been sitting in my ask box for the past two days and it’s really great and I didn’t want to publish because MOE-!! but I didn’t want to answer privately because then it disappears forever so


just going to publish it in all its perfectness and back away slowly y eeah sounds good

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since i was beaten to dr, how about madoka magica? we have to go wider



I would dive right into the magical girl world without a second thought literally no doubts “I GET TO DO MAGIC AND GET A FREE WISH REALLY?!?!” it would be terrible

probably wishes for all my friends to be happy or s/t because no one gives me the “don’t use your wish on other people no really it is probably not what you’re really looking for;;”

+galaxy powers because if I can shoehorn space into a thing I will totally do it 

best case scenario I turn into a Mami worst case scenario I end up like Sayaka [probably ends up like Sayaka]

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A tiny little kitten stumbles into your ask box, holding a small letter in his mouth. He hands the note to you and it reads, "I love you. You are a wonderful, loved person." Pass it on to the first ten people on your dash anonymously.



Q///Q;; oh gosh that’s cute ththhannak you-!!;; <3 


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gay shota nerd :’^]

nahh im kidding omg daekie you’re super fun to talk to-! you make me laugh and share some opinions with me that i can’t talk to many other people on tumblr about at all and like you say your writing and art and etc are dumb but they are ??? not at all you are not dumb you’re fantastic and lovely and one of my v close friends-!!!

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5, 16, 24 =)

* V * !! 

5:  Who is your favorite Once-ler?: THIS IS SUCH A HARD CHOICE UUHH. Probably LQ I love LQ so much. LQ, or Swone, or Entre. one of them. <3333

16: What is your headcanon for the Once-ler’s height? I’m not exactly sure just too fucking tall. 8’^|

24: Any weird ships you’d like to confess to shipping? P…leNTY..„ I don’t even know what my OTP is anymore. But I basically ship Entre/Everyone let me establish that first. Hall Pa$$!Seventre might be my favorite but man who even knows?? ; w ;

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former-deluxian who comes to motorcity and proceeds to have no idea what she’s doing; sleeps in alleys and slinks around talks to no one and draws on stuff for an indefinite amount of time before accidentally drawing on the burners’ cars and proceeding to almost have a heart attack after mike chilton gives her a stern talking to

eventually meets up with a madwoman on a vespa [nudges taco] and they go on delivery runs together and become buddies. U - U

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OH BOY OKAY!!! Uhh first off have a color reference [well I mean it’s mostly accurate s o]

Ezekiel’s color scheme is mostly purple/white with hints of blue!! The white bits are most prominent and kind of shimmery almost?? This is so that it stands in contrast with the scheme of his foil character, Reverend Habersmith! Whereas the reverend [an undead puritan minister–but don’t tell him he’s dead he won’t believe you-!] is a splendid fucking beacon of angry ignorance, Ezekiel comes from a species that values knowledge and is naturally pretty benevolent, so he just kind of listens to people.

His pursuit of knowledge is actually how he came to be a lost alien!! He’s sure his kind are out there somewhere still [he’s found traces of them] but his planet is long gone. So somehow in his search, he came upon Infinity and has been chilling there for awhile.

Ezekiel’s real name is alien garbledygook that we wouldn’t be able to understand. Usually, he goes by a universal title of The Seeker. But in Infinity he thought it would just be better to go by a human-sounding name that the locals would be more familiar with.

Only time will tell if there’s a malevolent edge somewhere in his pacifistic knowledgehunt. P sure there isn’t but you never know?? Also he never opens his two normal eyes. They’re really sensitive and bleed a lot. His blood is purple. Ye ah.