U-unlike a lot of my classmates, my family didn’t own video game things…So I was unable to play any of the games. A close friend of mine gave me this cool plastic Pokeball because she had no use for it. S-so my sisters and I would play pretend Pokemon! B-but Peppy stopped playing with me when my aim got better. >.>;

Should’ve used a Masterball on her.


Follower picture!!! Woo! Here are the ponies in it, in no particular order: First picture: askshatteredemerald thetimemistress braveheartstudios ask-fortunecookie thesweetadventuresofstrawberry base-fluttershy ask-the-magical-steambath ask-doctor-dimension asksalamanderpony i-shall-poke Second picture: greyscale-theponysketchguy imhotxx42 ask-sketchquill ask-artemisfrost luckytheklutz ellaelixir ask-professormorbus lordarsage Third picture: ask-dark-animator ask-widget ask-fish-out-of-water hhgamers Thanks to everyone who follows me, I only drew a few people that asked to a while ago, but I love all of you. Thanks so much for being patient with me through my phases, I hope to try and entertain you guys in the future!