Possible fantroll/fankid contest

If I made a contest for fankids/fantrolls, what would be the parameters? What would people want as prizes?

Originality? Backstory? Winner for best lusus? Winner for best prototyped kernelesprite if you have one? Best panel redraw with your fantroll????

Prizes would be like, a free high quality image of your symbol? Your symbol on a shirt mailed to you? An acrylic charm of your symbol/fankid/fantroll? A cosplay prop made for your fankid/fantroll? A full detailed charm of your fankid/fantroll?

Does this sound like even a cool idea???????

PS I appreciate everyone who helps spread this around, I am really serious about this.

Wigs mostly depend on how you take care of them. I can personally vouch for many Arda products, they are very high quality. They are still wigs though, and you should always practice proper wig care. Check out a few of Arda’s tutorials on wig maintenance.

As for which wig you might want specifically, that all depends on how full you want your hair to 8e. It’s all a8out the look you want, and how much hair you want to deal with. A longer wig may tangle faster depending on your movement and the conditions you keep it in, 8ut any wig that is not extremely short will tangle in some form eventually.

External image

Mom: *Walks in and puts a bunch of mail on the table.* The thing on the top is for you.

Me: Okay probably just a stupid bank statement. *Looks and sees it’s from asksewingserket.* BFWUIGR7W3GKM;WMTKB3W4GR7983WG THAT’S MY DUMB POINTY ANIME SHADES *RIPS ENVELOPE*

Thanks a lot, asksewingserket, these babies are amazing! I just need to find some fishing line to string them on…

Guys, I'ma close the ask8ox for a while. I’m sorry if you haven’t gotten responses from me for like, two months, 8ut I need to get a hold on tons of stuff so I'ma make sure things are closed for now.

You’ll find out why l8r.