This is the functionality of a SINGLE PAIR of horns. They can be moved anywear on a head-band, twisted or turned, and are even light enough to be screwed around a wig.

You can use any headband with them, provided that its width does not exceed the 2 screws holding the small plastic bar in place.

(Bad photo-set courtesy of yours truly and the Tumblr photo function.)

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Mom: *Walks in and puts a bunch of mail on the table.* The thing on the top is for you.

Me: Okay probably just a stupid bank statement. *Looks and sees it’s from asksewingserket.* BFWUIGR7W3GKM;WMTKB3W4GR7983WG THAT’S MY DUMB POINTY ANIME SHADES *RIPS ENVELOPE*

Thanks a lot, asksewingserket, these babies are amazing! I just need to find some fishing line to string them on…

Possible fantroll/fankid contest

If I made a contest for fankids/fantrolls, what would be the parameters? What would people want as prizes?

Originality? Backstory? Winner for best lusus? Winner for best prototyped kernelesprite if you have one? Best panel redraw with your fantroll????

Prizes would be like, a free high quality image of your symbol? Your symbol on a shirt mailed to you? An acrylic charm of your symbol/fankid/fantroll? A cosplay prop made for your fankid/fantroll? A full detailed charm of your fankid/fantroll?

Does this sound like even a cool idea???????

PS I appreciate everyone who helps spread this around, I am really serious about this.


This should 8e every part of how I make Heir hoods. It is recommended that you use fleece for this tutorial.

Any questions go to asksewingserket, I will try to correct any mistakes I am asked a8out.

Good luck sewing!!!!!!!!

(Also: You need the zipper! When it is closed, the neck hole is small enough so that the hood will not fall 8ack on your neck. When it is open you can 8etter put it on if you are already wearing any troll makeup. DON’T PUT IT ON WITHOUT OPENING THE ZIPPER! It will stretch the fleece and defeat the purpose of not falling 8ack.)

External image


Alright, let’s start with the wrap.

Start with a cone shape covered in fa8ric. Fun-foam is a good 8ase. Add a few 8ands onto the sides for details.

Adding 2 thick stripes up top as a canted angle. Again, 8ack with fun-foam. Put a few stitches where the the edge of the cone and the underside of the two 8ands meet.

Add the front-mask, which is at least 4 8ands stitched together and tucked underneath the 8ack edge of the cone.

Last, attach some stripes around your neck and to your shirt/zentai-suit to fill in the gap 8etween the 8ottom of the hood and the top of the “poncho”.

Once you have everything the way you want it on the red and blue parts, mark where you want the green part to fit, take off your cone and replace the green. Stitch everything together, and then cut up the 8ack to make a space to add a zipper. Add a zipper/velcro to the top of your extra neck-stripes as well.



In case you can’t tell, these are the plans for a pair of ram horns.

1. Print each one of these out on a separate sheet of paper.
2. Glue the sheets of paper to a layer of cardboard or .17" material.
3. Cut out each piece using the outline (You can ignore the cut out parts in the middle).
4. Follow the numbers to assemble all the layers. Put a pin through the small crosshairs to line up each new piece.
5. Wrap your assembled cardboard in a tight wrap of medical tape.
6. Cover in a hardening agent like resin or modge-podge.
7. Let dry; sand.
8. Prime and paint!

The area inside the large part can be filled with hot-glue for w8. Depending on how you do, these can be attached to your head 8y many means, includeing 8ut not limited to a simple elastic 8and or a haircom8.

Happy Halloween Damaraween!!!!!!!!