If you succeed to fail, then you failed to– to succeed… But if you were trying to fail you succeeded at failing, thus failing at failing but at the same time succeeding so you failed and succeeded at the same time. 


Eh… Those were different times. We all had our own agendas and, looking at it now, owning America would have done wonders for me; however, that past is what it is. It did hurt at the time; being rejected often does. Even so, I did have some hold within the Americas, so it was not complete rejection. Besides, if things hadn’t turned out like they did, I may not be able to enjoy the perks I have right now~ 

… AHEM. I mean… ahem….

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J’ai une preuve! -I can prove that!- Tu as dit “shoosh”, ! -you said shoosh- mais les français disent “OUST!” et pas “SHOOSH” c’est anglais! -Frenchs says “OUST!” and not “SHOOSH” its English! ;) hiss hiss love ♥

D'accord. I speak English. I think that much was obvious, in any case. So… Enough, oui? Love love. ♥


~ 9:43 ~ I am still getting used to recording and understanding what are important when it comes to cooking videos. Because the content can take up so much time and be important, we lose out on many gems that go into making the video. Terribly sorry. If there are any other recipe requests, feel free to ask away! 

French Onion Soup is a very old, and very simple food to make~ It has been around for nearly 2000 years, which says a lot.

Popular with the poor and slightly middle class, this soup does not take a lot of expensive ingredients, and allowed families to use up broth that was made from meals made previously in the week! Soup is also a nice way to use up hard, stale bread (so long as it has not started molding, obviously).

(( To the individual requesting that one particular recipe in my askbox, I’m sorry! I promise to fill your ask, I have found a recipe I hope to use, but I have yet to acquire all the ingredients. Stay tuned!  )) 

France's simple crêpes.

Ah, I suppose I could supply the actual recipe I used. 
I don’t necessarily follow a written recipe; after all, when one lives for nearly 2,000 years, some things just never leave you.

¾ cup flour

1 egg

1 cup Milk (whole, skim, 2%, almond, doesn’t matter really. Experiment! Except for you Angleterre.

2 Tablespoons melted butter/margarine 

1 teaspoon Vanilla extract

Pinch of salt to taste (Not too much~! ) 

Mix all the ingredients into your bowl using a wire whisk, mes amis~ To melt the  butter, place it in a microwave safe dish/cup and heat it for about 20 seconds~ 

You may use cooking spray or butter on the pan to prevent the crêpes from sticking. Pour enough batter to make a thin layer in the bottom of the pan. Cook until sizzling and done on one side (Generally, about two minutes). Flip, and continue to cook on the other side another minute. 

Transfer the crêpe onto a plate, then continue to make crêpes until the batter is gone~ Et voila~! 

Serving suggestions~ Crêpes go very well with fruits, yogurt, whipped cream, and syrup~ Whatever you like, you can put on them, really~ They are very versatile in this sense~ For a tastey dessert, or simply a sweet treat, drizzle melted chocolate/ chocolate syrup over them~ 

Bon appétit~ 

‘Allo, mes amis~ So sorry to have wandered away for so long~ 

I’ve been quite busy with some of the ridiculousness around here.

Not to mention, filming can take a lot of time as I record answers to some of these asks. Don’t worry! I am working on them to answer! Some of them require a bit of thinking and preparations before they can come to full fruition here. However, do not worry. 

Remember, if you have questions, or if you are worried I did not receive yours, you may send them again~ <3 

A new recipe should be popping up sometime today! So keep your eye out~