Send ~ for my muse’s reaction to waking up and realizing that our muses had a drunken one-night stand after a wild party.

The blonde’s head was pounding, She hadn’t gotten blackout drunk in awhile. She let out a long sigh as she stretched across her bed, noticing very quickly that she was naked. She felt her arm hit something, a person? She had been able to get a little action last night. Nice.

She leaned over to push the covers a little, see who her mystery man was. Pink hair. She didn’t know any boys with pink hair. 

It was Sakura. Sakura Haruno was sleeping next to her …. naked. The blonde fell back into her covers and pulled them tight. She did not fuck her best friend, did she? She glanced around her room. Underwear, bras, both of their clothing thrown around, She must’ve had sex with her.  What to do now? Wake her up? make her breakfast? Act like nothing happened? She felt her stomach churn. She turned back towards her friend.

“Sakura?” she asked quietly.