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Cursed voice AU part ??? (aka I’m gonna do to a linear comic thing for this AU but I had this old comic lying around that isn’t directly part of the story)

Thank you to everyone who sent asks about their excitement for this au ;w; you guys are the best!

More cursed voice AU 

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I’m curious about the travelers au.... >w>

heere it is–!! as u can probably guess, the amami siblings r just the rest of the ndrv3 class!! it’ll be an ~adventure~!!

AU Where Hanzo is a dragon shifter, a human who can turn into a dragon. His species are due to being able to shift from Human to Dragons who where smarter and stronger than normal dragons were hunted for sport.

Hanging a (lets call them Wyvrenthrope) Wyvrenthrope’s head is a mark of royalty and power So the kingdoms of the world hunted his species to nigh extinction When Hanzo was a smol babe with his kin in a den, knights came and slaughter his kin and shit but he managed to escape with Genji.

Hanzo, even though he was young, was aware of his kind and what they are and the power the posses but he believes that humans are monsters and nothing but scum for what they done to his species So Hanzo tells Genji that they must live as “Stupid Dragons” Playing dumb if you will Years pass and they succeed in living, playing dumb animals until Genji decides he wants to live as a human, in the beautiful Human world. They have a fight and Genji leaves and Hanzo never sees him again 

Anyway years pass Enter McCree, a dragon tamer He is reknowned for his dragon taming abilities and has been able to tame every single dragon he has been tasked with That is until the Royal knights get complaints of a dragon terrorizing a farm out in the borders of the kingdom Hanzo has been stealing cattle from a farm to eat. Thus the guards venture out and subdue the dragon with magic and shit whilst Hanzo is asleep, anyway they have Mercy use some witchy sleep spell that fucks him up and he gets taken back to the kingdom Here they chain him up in a barn and dragon tamers try to tame him But he kills them all.

Weeks past Not a single soul has been able to even approach him without getting burnt to death So Gabriel Reyes (high ranking person) orders it to be put down IF Jesse McCree cant tame it Anyway enter McCree approaching Hanzo with a shield or fire proof serape or something and being submissive and all that jazz. Hanzo tries to kill him but Jesse dodges and he looks into the dragons eyes and he just /knows/ He knows this dragon is smart, perceptive. He knows that the dragon thinks him of a threat so each day he visits the dragon and sits outside of the door talking to the dragon Building up a familiarity, Hanzo, Deprived of any sort of relationships HATES the fact that he is finding solace in the storys and time the repulsive human tells him. 

 Anyway McCree is finally able to enter the barn without getting killed by Hanzo. So the other people think hes tamed now but NOPE they enter and they get burnt to a CRISP Then McCree realizes that hes special and the dragon somewhat trusts him. Anyway McCree gives him a few dead chickens for lunch one day and to his utter shock he watches as Hanzo plucks the chickens clean of their feathers and /cook/ them Then McCree realizes this Dragon is fucking smart and is knowledgeable. Hes not a fucking dragon and he starts to speak to it and asks if he can understand him and Hanzo doesn’t answer. Hanzo CURSES himself for doing something so out of the ordinary for a “Mindless Dragon”

Anyway Reyes comes along to check on things after a few weeks and he puts Hanzo INSTANTLY on edge and Hanzo rears at him. Reyes, instantly taking dislike to this dragon who doesn’t submit to his gaze then says it simply “McCree you have exactly one week to tame this dragon, otherwise its will be killed and its hide will be used to make me a new jacket” Then Hanzo understands that to live hes going to have to suck it up and play it safe until he has a chance to escape.

 Now McCree with tries his best to be gentle with the dragon as he tries to convey his need for him to cooperate with him otherwise he will die. Since McCree doesn’t want the most beautiful and intelligent dragon he has ever seen to be killed. then Hanzo nods to him and puts his head down submissively and McCree reaches out and places his hand on his head, albeit it while terrified. 

Now Hanzo starts cooperating with McCree and McCree grow close, Hanzo realizes “This human is special, hes loving and genuinely cares for me”

 Hanzo communicates McCree by writing in the dirt or some shit and they just like become inseparable And McCree is so proud of his SUPER INTELLIGENT DRAGON THAT CAN FUCKING TALK TO HIM.

duh duh duh They pass the training and Hanzo is made his dragon few months later after being inseparable they go on a mission and all hell breaks lose shit happens. They go down and fall into a trench or canyon that keeps them hidden in the forest. Hours pass and McCree wakes up from being unconscious to find a semi conscious, hurt human where his dragon should be .McCree then instantly grabs the human by the throat and picks him and and starts chocking him thinking that Hanzo is one of the enemies that /took HIS dragon/ then he sees, idk a ribbon around Hanzos neck that he wrapped around Hanzos neck when he was a dragon as a gift for him to look extra beautiful when they passed training. Then he realizes ”My dragon is a shifter"

Keep in mind, Hanzo is low-key aggressive to every single person who isn’t McCree. He still hates Humans, just not his cute one. Gotta keep up consistency, Hanzo isn’t just gonna forget what it was like watching his kin get slaughtered for sport.

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ok but speaking of tintin what does his fellow journalists, the one working in the same newspaper as him, think of this adventurous guy

Honestly, I feel like it would be Complicated.

Like his fellow journalists feel like they should be annoyed with this guy.  There he goes, travelling all over the world while they’re stuck doing local news, probably thinks he’s so good getting all these far-flung impossible stories, it’s not like they can be real anyway he must be making them up, no one just fights gorillas in towers in Scotland that doesn’t just HAPPEN.  He’s frustratingly popular and his articles are always in high demand and he hardly ever seems to come into the office, does he think he’s better than everyone else?? fuck that guy.

That’s how people think they should feel about him.

Except for the little problem that Tintin is too damn likable for his own good.

Every so often a new journalist will get hired on, and they’ve seen this guy’s articles, they’ve heard the stories, and they’re all ready to be nasty (and jealous) of this guy… until the very next time Tintin comes into the office and they talk for like five minutes.  At which point you can’t help but like Tintin, because Tintin seems to genuinely and sincerely like just about everyone else.  Tintin absolutely thinks you are fascinating and he can’t wait to talk about the latest article you’ve been investigating about greengrocer price hikes and he might tell stories about his adventures if prompted but he’s so engaging and so humble about it all, as if being invited to fly to the fucking MOON is no big deal, and he just happened to be in the right place at the right time that every single reporter leaves feeling… well, not only good about him but good about themselves.

So yes, Tintin, despite all expectations and common sense, is incredibly well-liked by his colleagues.


When bae calls out all the fake Jwalkerz 😋 So satisfying. I HATE when ppl do that. Do they really think that’s ok to continuously ask? Rude af



(I was joking but Credit to Jadiewady onYouTube!)

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Howdy!~ How about UT & UF Sans & US & SF Pap in a car and they're in the back while somebody else is driving and the crush falls asleep on their shoulder and then the car takes a sharp turn and the crush just falls into said skelly's lap. Instead of waking up, the crush just curld up into the lap and smile and say the skele's name? In a sweet, "I trust you" way. Sorry if its long!! Thanks in advance♡

Asked by @hoot-eggs before I moved the blog

Sorry that these aren’t exactly like the request, but I can only write one scenario so many times without changing it up a bit. I tried to keep the general theme the same though.

US!Papyrus: The most annoying thing about car rides were the fact that he couldn’t smoke. Being forced to spend hours in a metal contraption traveling at over 60/mph was bad enough, not being able to calm his nerves while doing it was straight up hell. And since Blue didn’t support his smoking habit, he refused to pull over. In fact the only time Papyrus had gotten a chance to smoke a cigarette had been when you needed them to pull over at a gas station so you could use the bathroom. After that he had jokingly said that if Blue could pull over to let you pee, he should give him a smoke break too.

Neither of you had been very amused, to say the least, and he should be thankful for the small break he had been given. But that had been hours ago, and he could feel his hand subconsciously shift towards his pocket, itching to light another cigarette. He resisted the urge and resigned to let his leg tap an annoying rhythm against the floor, the sound of the engine drowned the tapping anyway. Leaning forward a bit, he tried to listen to Sans’ and Alphys’ conversation in the front seat, but he quickly grew bored and turned his focus to you. You weren’t asleep, despite looking like it. He could tell the differences, in your breathing and in the way your face twitched when a loose thread tickled your cheek. He’d spent hours staring at you throughout your friendship, silently admiring you when you weren’t paying attention. And he refused to feel weird about it. He liked looking at you, and you weren’t bothered by it, so why should he stop? You shifted a little, trying to find a comfortable position with you head against the window. After watching you squirm around for a while, unable to find a way to lean your head just right, he reached an arm out and hooked it on your waist.

Your eyes shot open and looked up as he quietly pulled you against him. Your gaze was dimmed and your eyes hazy, you looked like you were minutes from falling asleep. You made an attempt to speak, but only quiet mumbles could be heard. He hushed you and placed your head on his shoulder, still holding his arm around your waist. You seemed content with this, and closed your eyes as you snuggled into him. A minute passed, and your breaths turned deeper and found a steady rhythm. He loved that sound. It was calming. And if it weren’t for the fact that his mind was occupied with his want for a cigarette, he would’ve probably fallen asleep right then and there, with you in his arms.

He felt content with the situation too, though. And he’d gladly take this over a boring car ride of trying to sleep in the backseat. He’s zoning out while looking out the window, thinking back on his life, from living in the underground to meeting you and then to late nights together at New Muffet’s.

He’s in the middle of reenacting a pun battle he had with the king once, when the car turns sharply and his skull is smacked into the window. Sitting up and rubbing his head to get rid of the pain, he’s sure that he must have gotten his sense knocked out of him, because he could’ve sworn that he heard Blue curse. Before he can ask what happened, Alphys turns around in her seat to ask if he’s alright, and tells them that a car almost pushed them off the road.

Holy fuck, he didn’t expect that. And for some reason he feels almost guilty for zoning out, like it was his fault because he didn’t notice the other car before Blue did. He shakes off the guilt, at least everybody is safe. And nothing happened, nothing’s out of the ordinary.

Except you’re laying down on his lap, which you definitely weren’t before. And holy hell, somehow you’re still asleep. Clutching his hoodie like a life line, face scrunched up in sleepy confusion over what happened. The sudden turn of the car must have shaken you, and maybe triggered a nightmare of sorts. Because your face turns from confusion to fright and you’re almost whimpering, your fists tightening around the fabric of his shirt, and your eyes pressing together.

He doesn’t know what to do, he wants to wake you but that would only scare you further. Moving carefully, he slowly pets down on your head, flattening your hair down and moving his hand in soothing motions. He hushes you quietly, hoping you can hear it over the car engine and your own nightmare. You flinch when his hand makes contact with you, but slowly your whimpering stops and you’re not moving around as much. After a few more seconds of petting you’re breathing normally, face relaxed as you start to calm down. When he decides that you’re no longer having a nightmare he tries to pull his hand away, but yours shoot up to keep it close to you. Your eyes doesn’t open as you quietly breathe out his name, more asleep than awake and still oh so adorable.

‘’I’m here, kiddo.’’ is all he says as he continues to rub your scalp, dragging his hand down to your shoulders every now and then. Your face is once again pressed against his hoodie, and he swears that he hears you inhale deeply into the fabric.

‘’I’m here,’’- he repeats, still rubbing your hair,- ‘’I’ll stay here, hun.’’

But you don’t hear that last part. And as he leans his head back and look out the window, he’s not sure if that makes him relieved or disappointed 

SF!Papyrus: The worst thing about long car rides, were the fact that despite his impressive height, Papyrus was always assigned to sit in the backseat. And while sharing the backseat with you meant one good thing, he couldn’t help but envy his shorter brother and the royal scientist as they sat in the front seat. Both quite a lot shorter than him.

And after hours of sitting hunched over, he could feel his spine grow stiffer. He’d do anything to stretch right now, and feel his joints pop. He absentmindedly popped his fingers as a form of substitute. And averted his gaze from the spacious front seat, he turned it to look out the window. Only three more hours to go. Amazing, he thought.

To lighten his mood, he turned around again to look at you. And he watched you look out your window. The afternoon light made your features look sharper, but it also painted you in a soft, warm glow. Angelic, almost. But it didn’t suit the picture of an angel the underground held. Their view of a savior had been tainted with their violence, their fight to survive. It had been a crueler being they’d imagined back then. He still felt like you were a savior, though. If only to him, although he couldn’t tell you that.

You seemed to notice him stare at you. But when you turned your body, he kept his eyes on you. There wasn’t a lot else to look at, so he figured he could get away with it this time. And when your eyes met his, you smiled and leaned back in your seat. Keeping your gaze leveled, you smiled at him softly, looking even prettier than before. Until your face scrunched up and you yawned loudly, involuntarily bringing your hands up to your face and covering your mouth. The sudden yawn made him laugh, even when you sent him a dirty look, still covering your face as you tried to regain your composure. You really were too adorable.

‘’You should sleep, hun,-’’ he said. Voice quiet but still loud enough to reach you over the engine. ‘’We still have a few hours left, no point in making it longer by bein’ stubborn.’’

Another yawn escaped you, and it apparently convinced you to follow his suggestion. But instead of leaning your head on the window next to you, you put your legs on the seat and your head on his shoulder, wiggling around until you found a comfortable position, using the fluff on his hoodie as a makeshift pillow and smiling at your own handywork. He scoffed at you, but still pulled his arm out from where it had been stuck under your body, letting it rest across your stomach and holding you in place. A minute or two later, he felt his hand rise and fall as you’re breathing turned into a steadier pace. And he leaned his head back to get some rest, letting the rhythmic motion and humming of the engine lull him to sleep.

He woke up by yelling, and then felt his seatbelt tug on his ribcage as his body jerked forward. His arm reached out quickly, holding you back and safe before his eyes were fully opened. Sans was still screaming in the front seat, accompanied by violent gestures and quite a few death threats and profanities. Whatever happened, it must have jarred him. Listening to the chaos in the front seat he managed to gather that someone tried to push Sans out of the lane, aware of what they had been doing. And he felt a quiet rage that they had endangered your life in the process. Just because they didn’t like monsters didn’t mean they had to harm you too.

But you, amazing and weird thing that you was, didn’t even seem phased. Instead you were laying across his lap, face on your arms and body pressing against him. He felt his breath hitch a little, letting you sleep on his shoulder had been one thing. But this was almost too much, and his soul both ached and fluttered at having you oh so close.

He willed his hand not to shake as he carefully touched a scrape on your arm, probably from his jacket as you fell. It wasn’t deep, not even bleeding. But he hated that you’d gotten it anyway, especially as he’d been asleep and unable to hold you up when the car turned.

But when his hand made contact with your skin you squirmed around in his lap, pulling his hand closer and in your sleep, held it under your chin like you would a teddy bear. You murmured a few words, and he caught his name in the middle of them. And if he thought his soul had felt light before, it was practically soaring now.

He let you keep his hand there, and gently traced your face with his other. Until it ended up tangled in your head, massaging your scalp.

You obviously trusted him, otherwise you wouldn’t sleep with your head in his lap. You wouldn’t murmur his name like that. He played with the idea that maybe you liked him the way he found himself liking you. Maybe he could turn what you had into something more.

It was a nice thought. He held on to it for the rest of the ride.

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Hey Syd, I was at the garage last night and (still can't believe it) had a long and nice chat with Robin before he show started. Can't explain how nice and friendly he is. We asked if he liked the album and he said "it's incredible, we're so proud" then I said that I'm German and asked if H was in Germany once and he said that H has cousins living there. Then I asked if he can speak German and Robin said that he can curse in German and it would drive him and Anne insane when he was younger lol

Oh my goodness this made me smile so big omg 😍😍😍 I hope you had so much fun!

Are there any Papamaki fans here?☆

Theory Time [!SPOILERS AHEAD!]

Tessa and Jem

Since we don’t know what those two are up two (wow no surprise there tbh) I thought what one of the things they are doing might be …

Since it was obviously NOT looking for Malcolm or the Black Volume [or maybe it was don’t know]
They might be looking into breaking the parabatai curse or bond between Emma and Julian.

I just can’t consider the idea of them being COMPLETLY OBLIVIOUS to the fact that those two love each other, because SIMON has laready noticed something off (though he doesn’t know himself what exaclty as Cassie has answered to one of her asks), CLARY also sort of knows it and just kinda knows that it also can’t be because UUUH THE DAMN LAW AND WHAT NO, and to top things, KIT FREAKING HERONDALE has noticed the way Emma looks at Julian and he is someone who has lived with them for 2-3 weeks, not even a freaking month and the boy just sees those things and I cannot accept the fact that their OWN ANCESTORS AND FAMILY wouldn’t notice that shit.Plus they should have noticed the red flags during their ceremony and the fact that Emma asked Jem about the curse and THAT HE ACTUALLY TOLD HER which I can only take as a warning, because he told her he wasn’t supposed to share things like that to other Shadowhunters. Maybe he was giving her a head start and was hoping this will slow things down, you never know what Jem and Tessa are up to …Not to mention they should have found it odd, when Emma mentioned Malcolm as the one who told her about the curse, this should be enough for them to know that Malcolm knew something in order to tell something like that to Emma in his last moments .. or the first time of his last moments … Tell what you think about Jem and Tessa’s adventures in secrecy

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1. They sit in silence for the first while. For once, Henry doesn’t know what to say to Mom, and it isn’t a nice feeling. He longs for her to reach out in some way – an arm around the shoulder, a kiss on the forehead, anything – but besides that first hesitant hug, she remains seated next to him, facing the bar. Her fingers grasp tightly on the glass of her drink, and he sees her frown, eyes gazing downwards at the amber liquid.

2. The ‘how long’ and the ‘what happened’, and every question in between, had come directly after that initial reunion. Now, he feels reality sink in. It’s been so long, and he’s changed so much – perhaps she doesn’t view him exactly as her son anymore? Maybe even now the curse has been lifted, he’s just another stranger to her. Indeed, it’s not as if she’s the same either. Her hair is allowed to curl softly around her face, and her clothing is definitely not how he remembers it.

3. Some of these changes can be attributed to her ‘cursed’ personality, he knows, and despite everything – despite the tense atmosphere they’re currently wallowing in – he can tell she is still ‘Mom’. Of course she is. Between when he left and his return, she’s barely had time to be ‘herself’. Besides, it’s only been a couple of years for her. For him though – for him it’s been so long, and he’s lived through many different stories. He’s no longer than young man who set off on an adventure.

4. As if she can hear his thoughts, Mom takes a long sip of her drink, and then tilts her head in his direction. ‘It’s strange seeing you with alcohol,’ she offers, nodding at his own glass. He smiles ruefully and shrugs, somewhat abashed. ‘Felt like it might be appropriate under these circumstances,’ he shares, omitting any mention of just how many years he’s been experimenting with alcoholic beverages. Fairy tale characters don’t care about US laws, after all.

5. She bites her lip at his words, running a hand through her hair. ‘Am I so difficult to talk to, now?’ she asks, and her insecure tone throws up memories of when he was ten years old, yelling ‘you’re not my mom’ and other cruel phrases. ‘No, I-of course not. I’m so happy just to see you. I’ve missed you so much. And then seeing you again, but you not being you-’ he breaks his rambling off. She smiles sadly, and nods.

6. ‘I’ve missed you too,’ she murmurs, fingers running along the bar’s wooden counter distractedly. ‘I can’t believe how much of your life I missed.’ Henry feels his heart thud painfully in his chest at this acknowledgement. She’s right. She’s missed so much of his life, and now he’s an adult and not the teenager she was expecting. She probably doesn’t know what to make of him, or who he even is. It’s the last thought that scares him the most.

7. ‘I’m sorry,’ he blurts out. ‘I know this must be difficult for you, and I seem like a stranger, but I’m not so different to the Henry you remember.’ At this, she looks at him sharply, and their eyes meet for the first time since this conversation began. ‘Is that what you’re worried about? That I consider you a stranger?’ He winces at her questions, and stalls a moment by taking a drink. ‘Well, I’m not exactly the young boy you saw ride off into a portal,’ he says quietly.

8. ‘I would be more surprised if you HAD been the same,’ she shoots back. ‘I knew as soon as you said you wanted to go on these adventures, that it would end up changing you – that you’d grow up. But you’re still my Henry, whatever your age and wherever you’ve been.’ A sense of relief rushes through him, and he’s horrified to feel tears welling up. He sniffs quickly, hoping to hide the fact he’s crying, but then she is sliding off her stool and standing before him.

9. ‘Welcome home, darling,’ she whispers, pulling him into a hug. She’s far more petite than he remembers, even with him remaining seated. But her arms hold him tightly, and for the first time since the curse broke, he can relax.


I’ve had a hellish week Nonnie, so I don’t know when exactly you sent this, but THANK YOU!!! I am honest-to-goodness obsessed with season 7 Regal Believer and wondering how the show is going to handle Regina and her little Prince, now that he is all grown up (heartbreak!). 

I love this imagining of it!!!! It’s so warm and loving and of course Regina would feel insecure and of course Henry would be worried if he is still enough for his Mom (and of course he is!! But he doesn’t know that! We all need reassurance sometimes!).

Anyway, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS!!! Thank you for the gift! Thank you for always being willing to share your talents!

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adrien asks nino to teach him curse words in arabic so he can curse around his father but all he teaches him is stuff like “you’re beautiful” and “i love you”

Yongguk Secret Agent AU Part 4

Note: So this isn’t the end, it was going to be but I got carried away and it ended up way too long. So long in fact that Yongguk still isn’t even in this part, so I had to make it into two parts instead of just one. So the next part should be the last part. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5 Part 6(End)

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A few weeks after returning home, you find out that you’re pregnant. You have no idea what to do so you call up Youngjae in tears. He answers on the second ring.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know what to do! He’s gone and there’s no way I can find him and now I’m going to have his baby and he always wanted a family but now he’s not going to get that and I just don’t know what to do! I can’t be a single mother!” You sob into the phone.

“I’m coming over. Give me like ten minutes.” You sniffle and mutter an okay, then Youngjae hangs up. You sit on your couch with your knees pulled up to your chest, crying. You and Yongguk had always discussed having a family, but always decided that it wasn’t the right time. Eventually though, eventually you would have a family. You don’t think this baby could have come at a worse time.

Ten minutes later Youngjae is unlocking your door. When you two got back your gave each other keys to your houses, wanting someone to have it in case something happens. Neither of you are used to living alone. You had Yongguk for years, and Youngjae had Daehyun. Now that’s all changed.

Youngjae walks over and sits by you. “Okay, first of all I need you to stop crying. Second, start again, slowly this time.” You look at him and wipe your eyes. You take a shaky breath before starting again.

“I’m pregnant.”

“Yeah, I got that.” You roll your eyes at his response but continue anyway.

“Yongguk always talked about how much he wanted kids, and now he’s not going to get that. I’m pregnant with his baby and he’s who knows where. I can’t be a single mother Youngjae, I don’t know how. I’m having enough trouble just taking care of myself, how am I supposed to take care of a baby?”

“Look at me, everything is going to be fine. You should be happy, you’re going to have a baby, that’s great news (Y/N). Plus you have a support system that is here to help you. You have Himchan and the other agents, and you have me. I am definitely not going anywhere. We help each other now, so I will be here to help you out every step of the way.” You nod along to everything he says.

“Thank you, Youngjae.”

“Of course.”

“Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Technically you just did.”

“Thank you smartass, you know what I meant.” He grins at you.

“Yeah sure, go ahead.”

“Are you and Daehyun…together? Like dating?” Youngjae nods.

“We have been for years, since high school actually, and we’ve been friends for even longer. He’s been my rock for as long as I can remember.”

“And the she they took?” He takes a deep breath before continuing.

“On one of our assignments we rescued this little girl, Yuna, she’s only three. She had nowhere to go so we took her in, plus she was really attached to Daehyun from the beginning. He loves kids, he’s so good with them.” Youngjae pauses, smiling fondly as he thinks about his boyfriend. “Daehyun would arrange for his parents to watch her every time we had to go on a mission, except this last time I guess…even though he told me otherwise…” you frown as you watch him. You can’t even imagine what he’s going through. His boyfriend betrayed him to protect his daughter.

“My god Youngjae, are you okay?”

“As okay as I can be I guess. But I’m getting through it, thanks to you.” You smile at him and nod, slowly placing a hand against your stomach.

“I’m really going to have a baby…without Yongguk…”

“Hey,” he says and puts his hand on your shoulder. “We’ll get them back, and until we do I’ll be by your side. Like I said, we help each other now.” You nod again and lean back against the couch, trying to push Yongguk out of your mind.

For the entirety of your pregnancy Youngjae is there to help you with whatever you need, and so is Himchan. You two also continue trying to find Yongguk and Daehyun. Himchan helps where he can. A couple days before you’re due you walk into work. Himchan sees you immediately.

“(Y/N)? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at home, resting before the baby comes,” Himchan says.

“I know, and I’m not here to work. I need to talk to you.” He nods and brings you into his office. He helps you sit down then sits in front of you.

“If you’re going to ask about finding Yongguk, I can’t. I can’t authorize anymore missions. We have no leads whatsoever. I want to find him, I do, him and Daehyun both but my hands are tied.”

“I know Himchan. Don’t worry, I completely understand. Youngjae and I have been searching for leads, once we actually find something we’ll come to you with the information and move on from there. But this is about something different, it’s about the baby.” He frowns in concern.

“What is it? Is everything alright?”

“Everything’s perfect actually.” You smile fondly, one hand on your large stomach protectively. “Before everything that happened, Yongguk and I talked a lot about having a family. We decided that we’d like you to be the child’s godfather. You’ve always been there for me since I came here, and I know you and Yongguk have go way back, you’re the obvious choice.”

“Really? You want me?” Himchan looks taken aback, and you’re worried for a moment that he won’t accept. But then his face breaks into a grin and your concerns melt away. “I’m honored, of course (Y/N). Of course I’ll be the baby’s godfather.”

“Thank you, it means a lot. Especially now.”

“Of course. Whatever you need, don’t hesitate to call me. Now, you should be at home resting. How did you even get here?”

“I drove.”

“You drove? You’re nine months pregnant!” You shrug.

“Eh. It wasn’t too hard, just a bit uncomfortable.” He rolls his eyes at you.

“Go home (Y/N), and don’t leave until the baby is coming.”

“Yes sir,” you say, laughing.

A few days later you give birth to a baby girl. She looks so much like you, except for her eyes and her nose. No, those she very obviously got from Yongguk. You name her Bang Soojung and she is your world. Youngjae helps you get home from the hospital, while you cradle your baby girl, never putting her down.

“I wish Yongguk could be here to meet her. He’d be so happy,” you say wistfully.

“We’ll find them (Y/N). I think I have a lead. After I look into it some more I’ll let you know and then hopefully, hopefully we’ll have them back.” You nod as he pulls into your driveway. You slowly get out of the car and walk up to the door. You widen your eyes in shock seeing that the door is slightly open.

“Youngjae!” You call back and he comes running up to you. Before he can ask any questions, he’s sees the door and curses. He takes out his gun and slowly pushes the door open.

“Stay behind me.” You nod and do as told, holding Soojung as close to you as possible. You follow him inside, looking around for anything amiss. You two slowly walk into the living room to see a woman sitting on the couch. Upon your entrance she stands up and turns to you two. You’re shocked to see it’s Yongguk’s mother. You two have barely spoken since Yongguk disappeared. She’s never liked you, and now that he’s gone she blames you. You can’t exactly fault her, you blame yourself as well.

“Mrs. Bang? What are you doing here?”

“Get that gun away from me young man,” she snaps.

“(Y/N)?” Youngjae looks over at you for permission.

“It’s okay Youngjae, this is Yongguk’s mom.” Youngjae nods and slowly puts his gun away.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were pregnant? Did you think I didn’t want to meet my granddaughter?” She says. You still cradle Soojung protectively, not really trusting her.

“Well you weren’t exactly very supportive the last time we talked.”

“You told me my son was gone! Taken by some crazy people! How am I supposed to react?”

“Not yell at his already upset wife like it’s all her fault! You act as if I wanted this to happen! As if I never loved Yongguk and couldn’t wait until I could find some way to be rid of him!”

“Well you certainly moved on quite fast,” she says as she glares at Youngjae.

“Youngjae is gay, Mrs. Bang, and has helped me out more than anyone else since I got back.” Youngjae looks over at you and places a comforting hand on your shoulder. Just then Soojung begins to cry. You sigh and start rocking her.

“(Y/N),” Yongguk’s mother starts, but pauses as if she doesn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything. For how I’ve treated you, especially now. You’re good for Yongguk, you two work well together, and I never really thought it was your fault. I know my son, I know what he’d do to protect you. I’m here because I want to help. You have a baby, you’re a new mother and while I’m sure you have plenty of support, having another mother around can be helpful. So that’s what I’m here to do, that and to meet my granddaughter.” You look at her in shock, not really knowing what to say. Instead of saying anything, you walk over to her. Carefully you place Soojung into her arms.

She cradles Soojung and smiles down at her. Soojung stops crying and looks up at her grandmother curiously. You watch fondly.

“All is forgiven.”

Weeks pass and Soojung is almost a month old. Yongguk’s mother has essentially moved in with you. You two tend to argue, but for the most part get along. Himchan has been over a couple times to meet Soojung, and to see when you’re coming back to work. Youngjae is almost always at your house as well. You decide to go back to work, trusting Soojung to be safe with her grandmother. Youngjae drives you to work while giving you the lowdown on the lead he has on Yongguk and Daehyun’s whereabouts.

“Basically, we just have to get it cleared by Himchan then we can go on the assignment and get them back.” You nod along to everything he says.

“Perfect.” It’s been almost a year since you last saw Yongguk, but the pain of being without him is as fresh as ever.

The two of you get out of the car and walk inside, heading straight for Himchan’s office. He’s standing outside his office holding a coffee cup.

“Just the two I wanted to see,” he says and steps back into his office. You follow and sit down.

“Why do you want to see us?” You ask.

“The couple that took Yongguk and Daehyun, we know where they are. They also have way too much information and need to be…taken out. I’m putting you two on the assignment.” You smile at how perfectly things worked out.

“When are we leaving?”

“Tonight, if you can be ready by then.”

“We’ll be ready,” Youngjae says. Himchan gives you some additional information before releasing you to go get ready.

“(Y/N), wait,” he calls right before you step out of the office. You turn to face him, looking at him expectantly. “You might want to consider retiring.”

“Excuse me?”

“Retirement. You have a daughter now, you have to think about her future.” You roll your eyes and turn away to walk out, but freeze in the doorway.

“If we fail…if I don’t get Yongguk back…if he dies I’ll retire.” Without another word you walk out.

au where keith is an exchange student staying with hunk’s family. he’s sorta questioning his decision to study abroad when he meets hunk. hunk had been staying with his grandparents, mostly so that keith wouldn’t feel too overwhelmed the first days. he introduces himself and sits next to keith, offering him some cookies his grandma had made for them and turning his attention to the tv in front of them. they don’t really talk much that first day, and keith is really glad for that, happy to just have some company.

after that they walk to school and have lunch together all the time. keith wonders if hunk spends time with him out of obligation, but hunk just smiles at him and says he really likes being with him. they go out every weekend, hunk shows him all his favorite places in town, keith just listening to hunk talk endlessly about all the things he loves.

he starts falling for him and gets jealous whenever hunk’s in his room studying with lance (who’s really loud and has asked keith if he can teach him how to curse in korean like 3 times already and what does hunk see in him anyway). and poor pidge (who’s in his biology class and was the only one without a partner as she had just skipped a grade) has to deal with all this nonsense

(hunk eventually asks him out, and there’s a lot of sad bc keith might have to go back to korea but he gets a scholarship to go to the same uni hunk’s going and everything’s just fine)

Make It Happen

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» taehyung x reader
» 1.7k
» could you please write a bad boy!taehyung scenario  []
» high school au

He always had his leather jackets on, slightly bruised knuckles being the only things that knocked on your door, but when he started moving those beautiful lips of his, it was like a little piece of heaven had walked up to your door every day.

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BTS reaction: hearing you yell in another language over the phone, and finding out it was mainly curse words

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Jin/Kim Seokjin:

He would probably be quite horrified by you using so many curse words. And insults as well, for that matter. But then he would decide that you probably had a good reason to do so. And then he’ll wonder what could possibly make you that angry.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

He would definitely wonder what the hell could make you use that kind of language. But he wouldn’t ask you, unless it happened again. But, not gonna lie, he’d probably find it quite hot to hear you curse. Even though he doesn’t want it to become too common of an occurrence.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

Nuh-uh. No swearing in his house. Doesn’t matter what language it is. Like, it wouldn’t have mattered if it had been like one or two curse words. But basically spewing them? He’s not having it. You would need a very good reason if you want to avoid scolding.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He will probably ask you what the call was about, since you lost your temper like that. Maybe he could help solve it? Unless your insults had done that, of course. And, he’d probably try to remember the curse words to use in case Hobi and Jin were nearby.

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

Your cursing in itself won’t really disturb him. What does, is that he doesn’t know what made you that angry. But he doesn’t want to ask you about it directly. So, unless you told him by your own free will, he’ll probably try to ask you in a more indirect way. He wants to know if he can help out. And also, he kinda wants to know what he shouldn’t do if he wants to avoid getting cursed at himself.

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V/Kim Taehyung:

He would probably stare at you with his mouth hanging open the next time he sees you after finding out. Like, it doesn’t bother him that much. It’s just the fact that he’s never seen you like that, so it’ll take him by surprise.

“Jagi! When did you learn all those words????”

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

He would be kinda worried about what the call was about, just in case there’s something he can do or, like Jimin, at least to know what he shouldn’t do so he won’t have to face your wrath. Other than that, he’ll find it kinda cool. If he feels like it, he might ask if you could teach him some curse words he can use without Jin and Hobi whooping his ass.

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“Why are they doomed?”
I intake a breath as I say, “He can’t touch her.”
Garrison’s chair goes still.
“Whatever or whoever he touches decays to dust.” He also wears only black, but I don’t mention this either.
Garrison blinks a few times, processing Wither’s superpower. I think he mutters something about being cursed and then he asks, “What about Elixir?”
“He can heal people. He’s an Omega-level, so his powers are even extraordinary among mutants.” I pause. “He’s also mean.”
Garrison begins to smile. “I already hate him if you think he’s mean.”

Down The Memory Lane


Part 1

Genre: Fluff/Angst
Warning: Contains mature content.
Word count: 10,431

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June, 2014

Your mind was debating, putting up arguments in favour and against of why you should talk to him and why you shouldn’t.

You had been sitting on your bed since the last two hours, your blank stare switching between the wall in front of you and the message you’d received. What could he possibly have to talk about after all those months? You couldn’t deny that you’d always wanted him to regret what he did, or to come up with an apology. But you’d lost hope after some months, when you felt that he’s never coming back, and that you need to get him completely out of your mind.

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