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balto11217 asked:

What are some of your favorite things about Derek?

oh man, where to start… His perseverance, willingness to grow, protectiveness, his henleys and leather jackets, his sarcastic smiles and dry humour, his expressive eyebrows…

I just really love Derek Hale.

anonymous asked:

This fall I'm going to college and planning on studying microbiology/cell biology and I was wondering if you had any tips for me for surviving? I've heard majoring in biology can be REALLY hard.

it can be very hard but if you enjoy the material and you’re dedicated it’s all worth it. 

First year is the worst because you have to take so many generic courses like physics, calculus, etc. Then you start to specialize in following years, and even if the courses are very hard, at least it’s material you want to study and that actually plays a part in what you wanna accomplish.

As for study tips:

  • DO NOT FALL BEHIND!! Seriously. Don’t procrastinate. It’s not worth it.
    • When I had exams, I’d start studying at least 4 days in advance. You think you’re ready until you do practice exams and then you realize omg there’s so much I didn’t focus on
    • It also makes you stress sooo much less. If you’re studying for ~3 hours per day for 5 days, you’re more likely to understand the material better and get your brain to register everything than if you cram everything in like 7 hours the night before with no breaks. 
  • Take prep sessions
    • They can be costly, but they’re helpful. Don’t take them for courses that you feel very confident with, maybe, but definitely take them for courses you’re struggling with or you’re unsure about
    • I mean I got a 60 on my chem midterm, took the prep session for the final, and got a 78. That’s a huge jump that raised my course mark by about 12%.
  • Trust yourself to know whether you should go to lectures
    • Some profs record lectures, and upload them online, so you feel inclined not to go. What I suggest is going, so you’re there live and you hear other student questions and stuff, but then rewatch it if you feel you struggled with it or missed things.
    • Some courses don’t upload lectures, but their lectures are pointless. If you feel that you benefit more from the book or prep sessions, rely on those.
    • Best way to decide is to attend all/most lectures before the midterm, then see whether or not they helped. Midterm is not as important as final, so it’s better to test and risk then.
  • Get all your classes done in the morning
    • I’m not a morning person, but getting all my lectures done by 1:30 or 12:30 is so much better than having ~1 hour breaks between lectures and finishing at like 4 
    • Afternoon labs > morning labs > night labs. Night labs are horrible. Don’t take it unless you have to.
  • Join facebook groups!!!!
    • People post so many answers, prelabs, etc. They’re so helpful. They can also answer your questions and they’re usually friendly.

thekingandthelionheart asked:

"we’ve been dating forever, and you just caught the bouquet at our friend’s wedding" please! :)

Stiles and Derek sort of fall into dating. There’s a kiss. It was an accidental sort of kiss, too. Stiles had been home for a long weekend, and spent the entire time hanging around Derek’s apartment. As he’d shouldered his bag on sunday afternoon, Derek leaning against the kitchen doorframe watching him with a soft, warm expression on his face as Stiles explained his route back to college, with the planned rest stops and everything. Stiles had rolled his eyes, remarked that he didn’t know why Derek humored him with pretending to listen, and Derek had shrugged, said he liked Stiles’ details, meant he could picture Stiles travelling, know when he’d be back safe. And, Stiles had felt something swell in his chest, felt so touched and cared for, he’d leant in and kissed Derek. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm a big fan of your writing (you're fantastic) and I was wondering if you could rec some fluffy Jily fics?

First of all, thank you! This is a very sweet message. I’ll give it a go, although my recs will probably all be oneshots because that is the majority of what I read, and there is every chance that you’ve already read everything I’m recommending. If you haven’t, keep in mind that a lot of these authors have multiple happy fics, so it’s worth it to search their writing tags. 

Everything in Emily’s Jily AU tag is golden happy fun times (you’d have to have a look through her writing tag in general for all AUs) and of her canon-compliant drabbles, I want to recommend:

Friday I’m in Love and What Happens in Hogsmeade by bigquidditchhero (Glisseo on

Blind Date AU by fetchalgernon (every AU Kristina has ever written is absolutely amazing and 95% of them are happy - she is cgner on If you like ATLA you might get a kick out of Hotman James and even though The Art of Self-Defense is technically a Gilmore Girls AU it can be read without watching the show)

Music to Watch Girls By by padfootdidit

Lily caught in James’s bed by scared-of-clouds (again, if you look through Nikki’s writing tag, happy fun times are plentiful - url roughly same as username) 

Everything by suzies-q (drabble has no name on tumblr so I’m going by the name - url roughly same as username)

Pretty by realslytherinchick (same username)

Broom Cupboard drabble by ladyknightley (I don’t know that I’d call it ‘fluff’ but it certainly made me giggle)

I could go on for a while with this but it’s late so I’ll just add that snapslikethis, lesbianladydi, comealongraggedypond and ghost-of-bambi have been known to write brilliant things, some of the happy variety. If all else fails, take a look at my recommendations page and see if there’s anything on there you haven’t read! Hope this helps. :)

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After a year of reading so much Sterek fanfiction, I dont think I'm up for canon Sterek

i’m both relieved and sad to say you’re in luck, because hoechlin has offish left the building, and won’t be coming back to be bringing about any canon sterek anyway, boo.

in my head, derek buys a farm just outside town and knows nothing about farming, but throws himself into it, learns how to take care of horses and harvest and has a lil stone house with a fire place he can keep a watchful eye on, and when the kids go off to college they call, or send letters (stiles goes travelling and sends postcards of really dumb stuff and derek keeps ALL OF THEM on one of the big walls in the kitchen) and they drop by, one by one, in the summer to say hi, and scott teaches derek all the useful stuff he’s been learning from vet school and allison helps derek set up good, safe perimeter fencing, and lydia helps him build up a library, and then, finally, maybe one warm september day, late sun blazing over the hill, stiles’ll show up, clamber out of the jeep and laugh when he sees derek in a plaid shirt, totally at home and muddy and rugged and perfect looking, and derek’ll hear stiles’ heart skip, just as his own does, and they’ll walk towards each other and stiles’ll grin and derek’ll give him this tiny, soft smile, and stiles’ll start jabbering on about how he can’t believe derek’s a farmer, and he’ll follow derek around on this lil tour and derek’ll bask in all the conversation and the jumpy hands and the whole stiles of it all and stiles’ll stay until it’s dark and help close up for the night and they’ll just look at each other in the middle of silently working, the easy way they communicate and bicker and help each other all coming back to one another and derek’ll smile and stiles’ll smile, derek’ll duck his head and stiles’ll swoop in and kiss him and there’s a beat and then derek’s kissing him back, all engines a go, yes, v good, needed for years. 

then obviously they have sex in the hay.

anonymous asked:

Hey,I dont wanna bother you, but you made that post about breaking stereotypes about arabs and muslims and you mentionned that the Magreb is not arab region, but im moroccan and I speak arabic, how can we not be an arab region. And, you know, what makes a certain country arab.

I didn’t write that! Someone else did. I didn’t write Maghreb. I always think Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia are Arab.


if you clicked on my name you’d see that in the original I didn’t write Maghreb.

anonymous asked:

It's funny how Klaroline is the only ship that has the possibility to still happen out of TVD's three big ships; Delena, Stelena and Klaroline. Like people used to tell us to shut up for whining and complaining and freaking out and making a petition for Klaroline but now Delena is going to be over the same people are freaking out. It's funny how now Klaroline has the biggest chance of happening since TVD and The Originals could have crossovers whereas Nina's leaving TVD and moving on completely.

Oh how the tables have turned, it kind of feels like being back in the game, doesn’t it? 

po-llux asked:

maghreb are arab countries. tunisians, maroccian, libyans are arabs…

I’m getting tired of this

I didn’t say Maghreb weren’t Arabs. Some douchebag added that under my name. This is the original post.

I’m very well aware that they’re Arab countries, given a lot of my Arab friends are from there and I’m Arab myself. Whoever added that was probably not even Arab????

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did you like mad max? is it worth seeing?

YES! i really had no interest in seeing it until i saw articles saying ‘Mens Rights Activist Calls for Boycott of Mad Max: Fury Road’ and from then it was like. i must see this ‘feminist piece of propaganda posing as a guy flick’ :D by this point i hadn’t even seen the trailer (and i still haven’t) but i went and saw it anyway and I LOVED IT oh my god it was 2 hours of pure female empowerment and rebellion and it’s so visually pleasing i was in awe (and also. tom hardy.)

this is a very good review if you’re sceptical but if i was u i wld see it ASAP

eeames asked:

louis looks like the world's most ineffective furniture mover

au where louis is a struggling twenty something who found that college just wasn’t for him so takes a bunch of odd jobs. and one of them happens to be “furniture mover” which he can add on his resume right alongside “foot model” and “live mannequin” - none of which lasted more than two weeks. but now louis has found himself moving furniture. and by “moving furniture” i mean that louis has somehow found a way to move absolutely no furniture while looking like he is actually doing work. he’ll probably add that to the “skills” portion of his resume later. but for now, he’s quite enjoying this job. because the other boys he works with are all a bunch of teenagers with summer jobs. and they’re so fucking gullible it’s become his easiest job yet. 

his coworker liam is the nicest guy ever and all louis has to do is pretend he just doesn’t have the strength to lift something, and suddenly muscles mcgee over here is lifting an entire couch with two fingers. then there’s niall and harry who always seem to work in pairs and are too distracted to notice louis isn’t doing a single thing. mostly because harry makes bad puns about the eccentric furniture they’re moving that niall finds absolutely hilarious enough to fall over laughing so hard that he drops his end of the table, causing harry to lose his balance. basically they are both an absolute disaster and louis is a bit lowkey worried they might actually hurt themselves, but not enough to step in.

and then there’s zayn. beautiful wonderful zayn who is in the same boat as louis. except not. because the difference is that louis will look busy and get away with it. but zayn will just sit there and nobody on the planet would ever ask somebody so drop dead gorgeous to have to lift a finger. louis even takes jabs at him about being a pretty boy, to which zayn just shrugs, but louis wouldn’t even ask him to move anything so it’s totally working.

that is, until the day that was bound to happen when harry actually falls on his ass and ends up breaking his tail bone (the puns are insufferable) and niall pulls out his arm muscle for a week. and liam is still there, but he needs a hand with the heavier stuff. and zayn hasn’t gotten any uglier so it isn’t like he’s going to be lifting even a lamp. so now we have louis tomlinson, looking as indignant as ever, one hand on his hip, the other flailing around, waving at the furniture and at liam making ridiculous commentary about how not even superman could lift this couch (which is really just a trap louis set for liam to get into a mini comic book conversation before liam yells “hey!” and points an accusing finger at louis for distracting him). 

and basically, louis’ life is a little bit of a mess. and maybe he might be in the ridiculously wrong position. but it’s week four and a half and, well, that’s longer than anything else has lasted. 

anonymous asked:

What are your fave stiles and Derek scenes? And what scenes are you hoping for between them in season 5?

my fave scenes are when stiles took derek’s breath away, literally, when he chose derek over first line lacrosse, and it was the first time someone had chosen derek over something in else in all the time we’d seen on screen and his face did this, like the shock and awe

when they had gotten to know each other a lil, spent some time hanging out

and derek had trouble admitting he didn’t know things

but it was okay, stiles knew what he was trynna say

derek was v moved

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eeames asked:

He looks like he could lactate a lot

I would drink jason momoa’s breast milk. Not that I have thought about it AT ALL until this point. AT ALL, but I have a list of gentlemen men from whom I would sup*. It might be platonic, might not, who knows? But Jason momoa is on the top of that list. It would be very soothing. He would stroke my hair. I imagine I would develop muscles as a result. I would be a better human, who would be able to bench press, whatever that is. I would nestle my head on his magnificent chest, the scent of his soft skin calming me as he hummed a soothing melody (big poppa). Well-being would permeate my soul, and I would depart from his beautiful presence contented, sated, and full of milk. What a world.

*the other men on my list are dwayne the rock johnson, vin diesel, terry crews, tyler hoechlin, the guy from the old spice commercials, idris elba, tyler posey, sinqua wallis, mark strong, chris hemsworth, chris evans, reginald d hunter and the entire wales rugby team. THANKS FOR ASKING.

anonymous asked:

It's no problem. I just didn't want one of my favorite bloggers to get crap for something they didn't do.

Thank you. I messaged them politely asking them to watch out and not to do it again, and hopefully they read the message.

anonymous asked:

Well, I'm sorry but I'm so fucking bored of heterophobes like you. Since when an hetero plot it's less interesting than a gay plot??? Sexual preferences must have respect for equality. Love is love no matter genre or sexuality.

This is honestly the weirdest ask I’ve ever received… I don’t understand why you’re calling me a heterophobe, CONSIDERING I’M STRAIGHT? (well, demisexual but my preference is men) 

And tbh I don’t understand where you came up with the term “heterophobe” because it’s rather ridiculously pathetic lmao. Do you also believe in the ideals of meninists?

Listen, I never said that a heterosexual plot line was less interesting than a gay plot line, I said that I was BORED with heterosexual plot lines, BECAUSE SO MANY OF THEM ARE COOKIE CUTTER CARBON COPIES OF ALL THE REST???

And what does that say, that me, a young female interested in males, IS FUCKING BORED OUT OF MY M I N D WITH HOW MANY CLICHE, REDUNDANT, UNNECESSARY BOYxGIRL STORY LINES THERE ARE?

I also think there’s a lot of confusion about the intent of the post I made. When I said that I was bored of heterosexual storylines, I meant fucking romantically okay lmao. Not that we couldn’t use more lgbtqa protagonists who don’t have romantic love interests, BECAUSE WE DO.

WE JUST NEED MORE REPRESENTATION ALL OVER. Be it in rom coms or action movies of chick flicks… WHATEVER.

I’m fucking bored out of my mind seeing the same variation of the same god damn story, just portrayed by another set of blonde hair blue eyed straight pairing. 

It’s boring. It’s over done. It’s two thousand fucking fifteen. It’s time for some god damn representation.

anonymous asked:

Hello hope your day is going well, if stiles and Derek were to get together how would you want it to happen?

accidentally falling asleep together, leading to a cute slow wake up like ~wow this is so comfortable, omg i’m so happy waking up in ur warm, strong arms and HOLY SHIT, WE FELL ASLEEP TOGETHER, and then avoiding one another because it felt SO GOOD but they can’t say that, and then every time they hang out, something wonderful happens, their fingers brush, they both laugh at the same joke, they catch one another’s gaze when something important goes down, all these lil things build up, they can’t avoid it, the things that used to piss them off about each other are suddenly endearing, they still bicker but it’s with such obvious heart eyes, it’s with good humour, kindness, they wake up thinking about each other, until one day Stiles shows up at Derek’s and bursts out with “i wanna sleep with you again” and Derek’s all huge eyed, soft sweater’d, in the middle of staring out of the window totally not thinking of Stiles and stands like UH, i– don’t put out that quick anymore shy BUT THEN Stiles is like “no no, i meant i want to go to sleep with you and wake up with you and do everything in-between with you, i just– i had a whole romantic speech planned but i got nervous and i don’t do this shit, okay? you don’t do this shit. it’s you! you’re Derek! you once threw up black goo on my sneakers and i still like you. i like you so much, it’s awful! but i wanted to tell you how i feel and instead i accidentally propositioned you, god this is so terrible an–” AND THEN DEREK KISSES HIM, ALL HARD BUT SWEET AND FULL OF INTENT. 

and boom they together 5ever.

although in canon, now, i would want for the last montage of scenes to be someone calling stiles’ phone and a hand picks it up off the bedside table, we shoot to stiles brushing his teeth, derek peeks around the bathroom door, sleep ruffled hair and maybe one of stiles’ sweaters on, he smiles, hands stiles the phone and stiles maybe leans forward and gives him a toothpaste kiss, takes the phone and greets whoever it is, derek starts brushing his teeth, last shot is of the two of them doing their teeth together. domestic like.