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Your blog is like my morning paper: I check it every day. I consider you a friend even though we've never really conversed. Everything that you create is like a comfort blanket. (Well, a very PAINFUL comfort blanket at times - one that threatens to squeeze the living breath out of me, but it always relaxes in the end so I can just bask in the warmth.) I keep coming back for updates even when RL prevents me from reading your stuff right now. IDK, I'm just so grateful to you, Pia. *hugs*

Huzzah comfort blankets! (And, er, huzzah…painful…comfort blankets?)

I hope RL gives you a break at some point, so you can just like lie down and look at the sky or something or have some tea or hot cocoa or iced tea or something. Sometimes irl makes it hard to read - I’ve not had much time for it myself for a few months now, and it’s like, it’s not just about time, sometimes it’s about headspace too? I need to be in the right headspace to read fic, or a lot of it, and so yeah, however long it takes man, is how long it takes.

In the meantime I’m glad you enjoy coming around here. *waves* :)

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7. What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

I wrote a million words in 2016. Most of it fanfiction, and I’ve written just shy of a quarter of a million words so far in 2017. Not only that, but I’ve also finished four multi-chapter fics in the last year - all of them over 50,000 words - and I’m well on my way to finishing a fifth.

I’d say that’s a damn fine accomplishment, if you ask me.

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thoughts on harry having a snake daemon who he communicates with through parseltongue??

I like the idea @littlesproutling suggested, that Harry’s settled daemon form (which I hc as a bird of some kind) unexpectedly turns into snake (Voldemort’s daemon) sometimes much to Harry’s confusion. I think that Harry’s daemon would settle sometime during the horcrux hunt, or maybe just a bit earlier, and one time while they set up their tent Ron’s like: “Er, Harry, I thought your daemon had settled just a few weeks ago. Why does she look like a giant snake right now then?” Harry tries to talk to it, both in human language and in Parseltongue, but it just won’t reply to him. And later, when she turns back into bird, she’s confused and upset and can’t explain what happened to her, as if her consciousness had blacked out while she was a snake. It keeps happening from time to time, and Harry considers it being a side-effect from his ~mind link~ with Voldemort up until the revelation that he has a part of Voldemort’s soul in him. Consequently, once it’s gone, his daemon stops turning into snake.

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Do you like Freed with short hair at all? P.S I love your art - it's everything (;+;)/

I think he looks much much better with long hair, but if he kept it short I’d still love him just as much lmao [but his long hair is so pretty and so nice to draw—]

also, thank you!! I’m so sorry that I’ve been so inactive lately when it comes to art stuff - have a smol doodle!


indeed she is.

(reuploading because tumblr destroyed the resolution on my doodles. how dare u)

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what do you think of the poly ship of Harry/Cedric/Cho?

I’m very fond of it. 

Although in a scenario where Cedric survives the Triwizard Tournament I really like the idea of the three of them being really good friends. Like, them going to quidditch matches together (bonus Cedric and Harry going to Cho’s matches when she decides to pursue career of a professional quidditch player) or meeting to play it themselves. Harry loves their company because none of them date each other now (even though things used to be confusing between them) and because they never talk about the war. They reminisce about their school years instead. Cedric talks about being a first year and reading about Harry in some library book and then seeing him coming to Hogwarts two years later. Harry finally admits out loud about crushing on them both, and says that in retrospect this, and not his coerced participation in Triwizard Tournament, was what made his fourth year so hellish. Cho remembers every bit of every quidditch match she played, and Harry makes a mental note to invite Ginny to their meetings sometime, because these two would probably get along swimmingly.

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Hi I just wanted to pop in and say I love basically all of your fantastic Fairy Tail artwork. It is gorgeous! I especially love the Lucy/Juvia pics. They are my utmost fave femslash pairings in Fairy Tail. My next would be Erza/Lucy...I think I'm alone in that one though. I'm obviously rambling just wanted to pop in and say that.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!!
I don’t think you’re that alone with shipping erlu though, I love it too! As far as I’ve noticed it’s one of the more popular wlw ships in the fandom.

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5 for COFT please? ( also that latest chapter of TGATNW was super great. hot damn that subtle torture!)

5: What part was hardest to write?

It was really hard starting, because I was so sure - like so sure - that people wouldn’t read it or want to read it. And there was actually a drop off between Game Theory and The Court of Five Thrones (some people love GT and not COFT, some people love COFT and not GT, some people don’t love either etc.)

Additionally, I had just cut off from an intensely emotionally abusive person, who was at the time quite entangled in my writing in a not healthy way. And so I’d not only cut off a relationship that had been super important to me for such a long time, some of their parting words included them strongly urging me not to write COFT because they had zero interest in it as a project. That, combined with the abuse, meant that COFT became a lot more to me than just…a story.

But that meant it also became more intimidating. My self-esteem has never been great, and it was pretty shattered at that point. I didn’t like any of my writing. I felt really burned out (and I was). One of the most helpful therapists I’d ever seen, left the state after confirming that I was in the equivalent of a verbal domestic violence relationship and she recommended a thing called No Contact which was really fucking hard, and I was in a grey area of looking for a new therapist, and I’d also lost a few other friends who I cared about deeply, or alternatively, the friendships changed to the point where we became acquaintances. Like, this irl stuff had a massive knock on effect, but these were often also people I knew on Tumblr, and so I was suddenly like, wait… what?

So I’ll always remember the first 5 chapters as the hardest. Introducing new characters, trying to find my way through a new format, losing friends, almost constantly suicidal for months, unable to reach out here (I felt muzzled by the situation), and also not really sure about myself. Things many people go through, but just felt sharper because of all this other stuff.

I’ve had writer’s block since then, sometimes pretty bad, but nothing compares to that period of time where I seriously was considering quitting writing and deleting Game Theory, and my finger would hover over the ‘delete this work’ button so many times you have no idea because I couldn’t stand myself.

So, so glad I worked through that.

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I just looked at who you follow and it seems like you follow some undertail blogs? lmao sorry i just thought it was kinda funny

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m an adult.

I do what I want.

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yo i have a wild kelpie story. my scottish grandpa lived next to a horse farm or whatever, and i used to play in his huge backyard w/ a pond. so I'm seven or whatever and my cousins find me talkin 2 myself by the pond, which was not unusual cause i had like ten imaginary friends. they bring me back to the house, where i regale our parents and grandpa about the "fish pony" who offered me a ride on its back. grandpa loses his mind. parents r confused. lol i still remember that ugly ass fish horse

Friend, this is a truly amazing story. Thank you for sharing your run in with a kelpie in the wilds of scotland

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Hi do you have a list of tennis/fedal based blogs to follow or those you recommend?

I’ve got this list, and I’d add @rafaelnadalsource, @rogerandrafa, @ittookmelongenoughtodothis, @loveequalsnothing, @breakfast-at-wimbledon, @stan-the-man-4ever, @i-may-be-old-but-not-yet-dead, @olderer-is-golderer

Someday I’ll sit and figure out how to add a Following page to my Tumblr though, because all the people I follow are wonderful! Including the ones that forgot about their blogs :(

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I just wanted to say that I have a shortcut on my desktop/phone for your Archivrofourown page that I check daily. That's HOW obsessed I am with your works. The last chapter was so full of emotions... and had so much feelings into it I could like feel the fire and Jack's fear and his need to be praised by the Tsar. I love everything you write, it's so so beautiful and interesting. You made me love english (I'm Italian) and I improved so much thanks to you. Thanks for everything, Pia Love you!!

Okay but seriously anyone learning English better because of my writing like oh my god - and also, I appreciate this since I’ve been trying to learn German (badly) for a few years now and also Italian (very badly, I can’t roll my R’s despite 2 years of trying and about 100 Youtube ‘how to’ videos, apparently some tongues just can’t do it, which is infuriating, the accent matters!) and like, yeah, I just have a lot of respect for that process and just dkljfasdfa I’m glad my writing could help in whatever capacity it did. I’m sorry that some of it was irrelevant epic fantasy words but if you want I can recommend other epic fantasy books that will use those words too. ;) (Anything by Robin Hobb or Cecilia Dart-Thornton).

And so glad you’re enjoying the writing! I’m on like this five day writing break atm (because I hit my monthly wordcount of 25k, which means mandatory five day break and honestly it’s driving me crazy because all I want to do is write more lol).

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you were not kidding, the tsar is eeeeeeevil! this last chapter revealed a little bit of his motivations, but i cant stop being curious about his past now and how was the relationship between him and pitch before this all. can you tell us anything about the tsarina or their son? i have a habit of wondering about people that are only mentioned in stories, and im loving your worldbuilding in this one x_x

The Tsar is definitely not being all that nice to Jack at the moment (he’s evil as all get out). :D We’ll definitely find out more re: his motivations too, and the relationship he used to have with Pitch.

We’ll find out more about Mihail (the Man in the Moon / son) and Agnessa (the Tsarina) as the story progresses. But…maybe not a ton more.

Agnessa is a grounded, good-hearted person. She’s under no illusions re: her husband and has made several strategic decisions to protect Mihail - she doesn’t think the Tsar would abuse him, she just also doesn’t think Mihail should spend too much time around him. Which is why we sometimes see Mihail with Seraphina, or why Eva talks about how she has helped out with Mihail a great deal. (Eva and Agnessa are close friends -> as are Agnessa and Toothiana).

Mihail is neuroatypical, and bright and observant. He sees far more than he lets on (I mean most kids do, honestly, but given he is selectively mute, he doesn’t often convey how much he knows. He speaks in the sign language of the Lune pictogram alphabet, but he doesn’t speak to everyone with that, and Seraphina is one of the few people he’ll actually converse with. Sandy’s another).

They both live quite separate lives to the Tsar. The Tsarina turns up for public appearances with him, but otherwise they don’t spend much time together. And Mihail doesn’t actually come out for public appearances due to fears of assassination attempts (something the Tsar had to deal with as a child - he’s very protective of Mihail in this sense, even as he’s kind of…aware that Mihail can’t necessarily inherit the throne either). Agnessa is also pretty adept with a stiletto knife.

Agnessa is kind of mercurial. She’s secretive, she tends to stay out of what her husband is doing, which is why we never see her around the Tsar within the Palace. She is fiercely protective/loving of Mihail, but also lets him roam, because she knows he enjoys that and doesn’t believe in smothering her child. She’s garnered some criticism for this (esp. from people who think that because Mihail doesn’t talk/doesn’t make eye contact, he couldn’t be smart enough to be let to go roam through the Palace on his own), but she defends his intelligence readily, though she does encourage him to preferably hang out with Seraphina, mostly because she knows they get along. (Seraphina kind of considers him the younger brother she never wanted but loves anyway, lol).