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What did you use to take the pictures of your cat, it's a really clear photo.

Here — I’ll explain, and give a translation for the non-photogeeks!

My portable camera of choice is a Fujifilm X-T2, which I love dearly.

TRANSLATION: I have a shiny silver-black old-lookin’ camera.

For business photoshoots, I usually use a Canon 5DIII for ISO sensitivity and focus speed, but you shoot so differently with a compact form factor.

TRANSLATION: the big black camera does some cool stuff, but it’s stupid heavy so you don’t wanna carry it.

Most of the “clarity” you’re referring to is from the lens, an XF 35mm f1.4 (53mm equiv post-sensor crop). The low aperture allows you to manipulate depth of field wonderfully.

TRANSLATION: it made the not-cat parts of the photo all blurry, which is good.

I didn’t even light the scene – just boosted the ambient by dropping the shutter speed to 1/10th and counted on stability to keep the frame clean.

TRANSLATION: I made the cat really bright without letting it become a blurry cat…

which can happen very easily.


For more photos taken on said cameras, check out my street photography blog or Instagram… even though they can never truly compare to Salvatore the Cat’s pure, unadulterated majesty.

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Damn near everything Sam does makes me think him + Cait are together. Not just the infamous quote from today but his build up. "we have separate trailers now." implying they're supposed to share. When he said "it's good, she's just very busy." His tone showed so much pride showing a personal touch vs excuses on how their work schedules keep them apart. Undertones of we don't see each other as much as I'd like but it's all good. It's all perception but this was very clear in what I watched today.

I agree 100%. the man has NEVER been able to convincingly sell whatever narrative they’re trying to sell. never. esp in video/person. that gifset Jess made of today vs the IFH said literally everything. He can’t do it. for being such a good actor, he’s a goddamn TERRIBLE liar. Shippers have been saying since 2015 that Sam wants to shout his love for Cait from the rooftops and today is no different. idc what kind of relationship they have that man loves her so much and is so proud of everything she does he literally can’t contain himself. that plus his glass face? forget it. you get moments like today. anyway, they don’t see each other bc they’re too busy shoving some fake trash relationships down everyone’s throat so who’s fault is that 🤷🏻‍♀️.

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Hello lovely Jane! Do you have any tips of pushing facial expressions? -Love an anon who has a super hard time making exaggerated and good facial expressions :^(

My #1 tip for facial expressions is to take your cue from Spinal Tap and make it one louder. Put that emotion up to 11. Don’t draw miffed, draw infuriated. Don’t draw joy, draw euphoria. Don’t draw sad, draw destroyed. So on and so forth. Make it as exaggerated as possible. Will it look ridiculous? Maybe, but that emotion will be unequivocally clear. Once you can capture that emotion at it’s loudest, then you can start toning it down. 

This, of course, means being familiar with how extreme emotions are expressed. Familiarising yourself with how your OWN face works helps a ton. Note which parts of your face wrinkle, stretch, thin, fill-out, et cetera. Your eyeballs will remember and then after you keep drawing and drawing and drawing (and drawing), it’ll become second nature.

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Imagine Jihyun, his hair all ruffled, still in his PJs, shirt only half buttoned. The smell of French Vanilla coffee drifts up from the mug infront of him. Outside the window the sun rises slowly. He had gotten up early to take a picture of it, but the soft snores emanating from him prove he won’t be getting his shot today. You draped a blanket around his shoulders and pick up his camera, focusing the lens at him with the sunrise in the background. That didn’t mean you couldn’t get yours.

Hey anon, are you trying to KILL ME? 

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Sammy boy!! 😘 I don’t think he meant to say it like that but was happy with himself in the moment. The deliberate part came right after when he didn’t try to clarify what he meant and again later when a GF was mentioned and he brought up his mom. Antis can say what they want about what he actually meant. We’ll bite and say that (though I believe he was quite direct) but they can’t deny he had mult opportunities to casually counter his shippery comment and didn’t use any of them to do so.

YES! as jaw dropping as his words were everything that came before/after was even more ridiculous. like he didn’t clarify or backtrack, the interviewer didn’t ask him any questions she just let him say it and leave it there. and then he talked about his mom instead of his “girlfriend” lol. and then Cait acknowledging that he’s in trouble makes me think she knew what he was gonna say somehow. I know people are iffy about it all and I know we’ll get fuckery because of it but I feel like things have to change going forward. idk. maybe I’m getting my hopes up and if so I’ll eat my words :)

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Omg the video diaries. How can anyone doubt Louis’ gayness after those? He can’t take any questions about girls seriously after that. I like girls who like carrots? Mary? Susan Boyle? This is what The Gays do when they can’t/don’t want to put themselves. Make a joke of heterosexuality because that’s the only way you can relate to it.

EXACTLY!! also it was before they were heavily media trained, so it’s like, the rawest we ever get them. Which means pre-media training Louis’s pastimes were 1. mocking heterosexuality 2. acting outrageous 3. flirting relentlessly with Harry Styles. 

Pretty telling <3 

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how could anyone watch this show and not immediately see how fucking racist it is hgefusguei the casual racism of the 60s is just smth u have to be aware of when consuming media from tht time period. the yellow submarine movie is fucking incredible and even it has tht kinda offensive scene with the natives in the sea of monsters. its not rlly something you can just ignore.

ikr like….i understand if you havent seen the whole show but like dont get mad at me and not believe me like …just look at any of the shows content