Rockafilly had been all a twitter since Banana Hammock had asked her to officially accompany him to the Summer Sun Celebration. She’d never been to any large event with other ponies and figured this would be a fantastic outing, especially with someone who seemed equally as excited to attend. 

Primping at her vanity, Rockafilly made sure every strand of her mane was in place before she heard the nock at the door. Hurrying downstairs, she was greeted by the handsome stallion himself, sporting a pompadour along with a rather dashing leather jacket. “Well don’t you look like you just stepped off the set of "Colt Without a Cause”!“ Rockafilly smiled with a slight giggle, "It’s such a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Hammock.” Spotting the bouquet of flowers he clutched, Rockafilly couldn’t help but grin, “Wildflowers, for me? You really shouldn’t have.” Effortlessly as batting her eyelashes, she brought one of the blossoms to her mane and nestled it between her ear and one of her curls; the orange really popped against the blue.

Stepping out of the doorway and closing it behind her, Rockafilly smiled over to Hammock before getting a look at the chariot set out in front of her shop, her mouth falling slightly. “I don’t think I’ve ever ridden in anything so swank before…Thank you so much for picking me up…was the trip long? I’ve been looking forward to finally meeting you.”

((I know this is terribly late and Hammock’s mod has pushed their story line along, which is completely fine. We can always take this anywhere from here :) I’m always willing to go over the date for the end of SSC -Cesca))

((Bleh, been kinda out of it. I tried to do an update to upload for tomorrow but it just wasn’t happening :/ I realized then that I hadn’t drawn anything remotely human since I started this blog so I sketched for a bit. Here’s an extremely sketchy human version of my pernie…thought I’d share