I’ve known Mecha (also known to me and a few others as “Nemmy” for reasons lost to time) pretty much for as long as I’ve been in the brony community.

His ask Robot Octavia blog is frickin’ sweet, so I thought for his birthday I’d attempt some fanart of all 5 incarnations of Robot Octavia. Sorry if my design for the Mk. III is a little off… I can’t wait to see what she actually looks like.

Nemmy, you’re a top bloke, always a pleasure to talk to, and a good friend. It saddens me a bit that we don’t talk as much as we used to; I’m terrible at staying in contact with people, but I’m always willing to chat.

Happy birthday, man. I hope it’s a good one.

[deviantArt version]

askrobotoctavia-mark5 asked:

What other weapons do you use to defend yourself? I'm assuming you use a huntsman as your primary due to your name?

"Funnily enough, I don’t actually use the bow all too often, as I’m really bad at leading targets. I mostly use my ‘Hitman’s Heatmaker’ which I’ve come to nicknaming Maya, since the amount of shots I hit with the thing is like a ghost is helping me from the sidelines somehow.

I also have two revolvers I made, which I’ve nicknamed Rosa and Ema. They’re great for hitting blokes at close range. I’ve been banned from using them in actual matches now, ‘cause they’re apparently ‘not part of the Sniper’s arsenal’, so I usually keep ‘em in my camper.”


True purpose 10: Making good progress



Motherly Scootaloo



And Asknurseturner

Also want to thank everyone for just over 800 followers! Guess you can consider this a milestone/story arc post ^^; best I could do given the situation!

Mod: a little random non canon moment featuring motherlyscootaloo

Scoots here just bumped into robot octavia MK1, Now MK1 isnt violent or anything unless she needs to be. But she does tend to make a certain greeting noise ( skip to 0:16 ) in which it would probably give scoots the wrong idea!

I might draw a more amusing sequel to this when I have less on my plate.

Mod: Random Idea popped into my head and Fun Fact: Robot octavia has no understanding of baby ponies.

Octavia MK 5 ended up been invited to Motherly Scootaloo’s home to warm up from the cold outside. Upon entering she notices a small pony

"My word" she said as she got down to the small pony’s level and asked "Are you okay? Do you need medical attention? How are you so small??"

Scootaloo couldn’ help but giggle while lightning blitz looked at the grey metal pony with confusion. 

Due to having an issue with links: Motherly scootaloo can be found here —->