Eggman's Most Liked Blogs (July 2012)


Ooh hoo hoo! I thought I’d take a break from answering questions to share my current blogging habits. Get a load of these!

Ask the Eggman Another me? Yes! My counterpart here is quite the gentleman, and I advise (read: demand) checking out his blog!

Ask Robotnik Weh heh heh! As if two of me weren’t enough, I’ve found yet another version of myself. Go watch him. With so many of me, I can get even MORE attention! Mwa ha ha!

Ask the Blue Blur My pinheaded nemesis has a blog too, but I’m keeping a close eye on him!

Luigi Time Ah, Luigi and I have competed with each other at the Olympic games in the past, and his blog serves as some interesting insight into his life. Get to know your enemies, they say!

Ask Ice King Ah, the Ice King! How I empathize with him and his struggles against an annoying kid who constantly thwarts his plans. 

SupaSeraJupiter Just one of Ask Eggman’s many followers, but I’ve found many an amusing post (quite a few of which have me in them!) at her blog.

Ask Cream and Cheese What? I’m keeping tabs on my foes; Cream may look harmless, but with that annoying Chao of hers, she’s quite the nuisance!

TwilightDreams03 Like SupaSeraJupiter above, I’ve found myself simply liking many of her Sega-related posts. Especially if I’m in them!

Omochao Explains It All This little blue bucket of bolts gives some of the most questionable advice I’ve ever seen! Still, asking for its help may be worth a shot…